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The Loft’s David Mancuso died, aged 72…

David MancusoWe both know as to how the acoustic rendition of a place (say like the nave of a cathedral) is quintessential.
“That brings us to rule #1… No matter how big the houses that you have are, if you don’t have good room acoustics, you’re not going to get it right. Besides, it’s not the sound system that you wanna hear, but the music. I wanted something like where you walk in a room but even see the speakers. Something like you just hear the sound without even knowing there are speakers in the room.
When you go into a concert hall like the Carnegie Hall, they don’t even use a soundsystem. They use the room!”

In other words, everything but the music, right?

I’ve been said you didn’t even use a mixer at The Loft…
“Most likely because it’s another component…”

Would you by this mean less is more…
“You got it. The less components you use, the better is the transparency of the sounds. Meaning that you have to use the minimum. The soundsystem is only supposed to translate what the artist intended.
Besides, you might start imposing with a mixer, coz’ you’re tempted then to use the pitch control. And when you start doin’ this, you modify the characteristics of what you’re hearing and, as a result, what the artist originally intended. Even though I may understand the use of a mixer in order to ensure a continuity between two records. But, as I said, it then becomes tempting to go further.”

You obviously achieved bringing people and also music from whatever origins together as one…
“For me, the core idea behind The Loft has always been social progress. How much social progress can there be when you’re in a situation that is repressive? In New York City they changed the law [for entry into clubs, from] 18 to 21 years old. Where can this age group go to dance? And what about the minorities, Blacks, Latinos,ays who could be harassed here or there? In my zone, you can be any age, so to say anywho… a drinker, a smoker, whatever or not. And that’s where I like to be…

As for music, we had all kinds of music being played, from one end of spectrum to the other. And people found out that they could love both James Brown and Led Zeppelin, even for different reasons.
People just want feel safe and have a good time. This means avoid doing things like overcrowding, but also other lttle although key things such as protecting the ears. With the best way to do so being to stick to the original sound of the music.”

The Loft added to its impact in the history of NYC nightclubbing when the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs decreed in 1975 that David Mancuso was free to host his parties as long as there were no sales of food or beverages. A decision which set a new precedent that benefited many clubs, from The Paradise Garage to The Shelter and Body & Soul among others.

That same period also saw David Mancuso’s space serve as headquarters for the New York Record Pool which he founded with Steve D’Acquisto and Vince Aletti. The very first of the likes which served as a promotional hyphen between the record industry and the DJ’s.
Right on time to see the first ever 12″ coming to light…

Gone too soon: David Mancuso

Indamixworldwide would like to express their deepest condolences to David Mancuso‘s family and friends. Beginning with long time friend Colleen ‘DJ Cosmo’ Murphy with whom he produced the ‘Loft’ compilations.

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