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Lorenzo Owens – Walk Away From Love

First Listen: Lorenzo Owens – Walk Away From Love (Steve Miggedy Maestro Vokal Retouch) (MMP Records)

“It’s not that I don’t love you, you know how much I do. And it’s not that I’ve found someone to take the place of you. It’s just a fear that builds within me everytime you touch my hand. And a dread that shakes my body, that even I don’t understand, so I’m leaving. This time I’m playing it smart. I’m gonna walk away from love before love breaks my heart…”

No matter what, history tends to make us feel like going in circles, as used to sing The Friends Of Distinction back in the day. With music most likely makin’ no exception. Be it via samples or cover versions. Meanwhile bringin’ us back to the souvenir of countless references which are as many illustrations of our rich historical past.

Signs of a period – the one we’re livin’ nowadays – where we seem to be in search of landmarks? Of some current times most likely characterized by a blatant lack of songwriting??? Maybe both of them at the end! But when someone manages to reappropriate for himself a blast from the past, he/she deserves some extra support. Which is most definitely the case when thinkin’ of Soul singer Lorenzo Owens. The latter delivering a brilliant rendition of a monument. In other words, the 1975 classic ‘Walk Away From Love’ by the likes of David Ruffin. With writing and production work respectively courtesy of Charles Kipps and Van McCoy. Owens and Steve Miggedy Maestro perfectly recreating the unique sound texture could find on the 70’s Soul recordings…

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A Milwaukee, WI native residing in Chicago, IL, Lorenzo Owens started singing in the churhcby the age of 3. As a small child, he could sing with adult fervor. “I was at my grandma’s house when, ‘Reasons’ by Earth, Wind & Fire came on the radio. My souvenirs from then are quite unclear. But from what I’m told, I sang the whole song and floored everybody in the house. I guess that’s when all this began.” But it wasn’t until he had begun attending college that he realized singing was his life’s calling. “Singing was just something I’d always done. But I never put much stock into it. It just came naturally for me. It was like breathing.” Eventually quoting Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway as major influences.

Lorenzo was going to school for business management. But he kept asking himself what it was that he really wanted to do. “I changed majors so many times l knew I wasn’t going in the right direction. I realized that what I truly loved was feeling the energy of the crowd when I sang.” He eventually hooked up with a manager. Then he began doing showcases and travelling to other cities as a background singer. That move proved to be the right one for the young talent. The new management was Anthony Ferguson of En-Sport, Inc.. The latter immediately putting his rising star to work on his first album.

After Lorenzo got selected to compete in the Oprah’s Pop Star Challenge his life has changed forever. He happened to be a finalist in the Oprah’s Pop Star Challenge. And, as a result, he starred on 3 songs on the Oprah’s Pop Star Challenge cast album. His rendition of Stevie Wonder‘s ‘All In Love Is Fair’ demonstrates his rare ability to deliver a song. Meanwhile, his performance on Donny Hathaway‘s ‘A Song for You’ will move you to tears.

Owens is poised to set the standard for the new breed of talented singers like Maxwell and Brian McKnight who have crossed the charts from urban to pop. Lorenzo’s current album “Better Days – The Encore” has the artistic work that will skyrocket the singer/songwriter into the contemporary music spotlight. His magnificent voice, stunning sensuality and dazzling smile. But also his association with Grammy winning Michael J. Powell along with other producers such as Harold Smith, or the Monkey Boyz… As many elements that should establish Lorenzo‘s fan base in record time.

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