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Louie Vega feat. Cassio Ware – Just The Way I Like It

First Listen! Louie Vega Starring Cassio Ware – Just The Way I Like It (Louie Vega Jersey Mix) (Vega Records)

“Do it huh? Just the way I like it, girl!” Monique Bingham pretty much made it with a story in an Elevator. Well, long time activist Cassio Ware would come up with another one to spice up Louie Vega‘s ‘Starring XXVIII’ album. This with a story which admittedly found its inspiration in an experience he had at the Shelter Club. From spoken word parts to singing, he delivers in a unique way the thoughts that come to his mind while in front of a waitress dancing on her side of the bar. Eventually expressing his desire to see her joining him on the floor…

Ecstatic, sexy, suggestive, along with some female hook echoing in an irresistible progression. ‘Just The way I like It’ is just the way we like it! As a result, you hardly want this to come to an end. Do You?
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Cassio Ware is far from being a new comer. As a matter of fact, many of you might remember him for his performance on ‘Funky People’. An irresistible gem that saw him sharing the duties with Blaze under a cameo guise back in 1995.

The man saw the light of the day in Newark (Brick City), NJ. It all started in his grammar school days. Already back then, the cass master was scolded for rapping, writing poetry and short stories rather than doing his homework. His uncle had a collection of old classics and light tracks that dated back to the early 40’s. This is where his education in music would begin.

He eventually studied classical piano for two years. And this even though his ears were hearing other grooves. His father, a Bishop, told him to play the piano in the early morning service. This must have been the day God gave Cassio his gift of playing by ear… Because that’s exactly what he did with the help of Kevin Hedge and Josh Milan of the Blaze fame at the time. And also with his Backroom Music Production partners. In other words, Derick Jenkins, Dwayne (Spen) Richardson and Jomanda.

This artist /producer /DJ /Remixer has many talents. From singing to song writing and music production. But also drawing and dancing. As a dynamic fusion artist, mental massage therapist and personal trainer, he has put together some fantastic fashion shows. And he has modelled as well.

Cassio has now taken that knowledge of showmanship and puts it to use in his own performances. It’s a sight to see unlike any other. The group behind him at his shows have made themselves a reputation for setting fire to a stage. They’re called Pa-book-ka’s Groove, named after his Grandfather, Booker T. Tensley, who inspired him early in life.

In this new era of sound, he classifies his as “Groove Music”.

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