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Machine – Is It Love (12″ Version)

Lost but not least! Machine – Is It Love (12″ Version)

I remember the very first time I heard this gem back in the day. Damn, this was like back in 1980. Hearin’ the attack of its bassline, it reminded me instantly of T. Connection‘s ‘Do What You Want To Do’. This along with a little mark of extravaganza under the form of a cock-a-doodle on the intro.
In the meantime, ‘Is It Love’ was pretty much illustrative as to what one was looking for in the clubs. Be we belonging of a minority in desperate need of acceptance. Or simply searchin’ to find the one. This most likely explaining how the infectious funky joint met some resonance at places such as The Loft or The Paradise Garage.

Is it love? It most definitely was. Even though this gem most likely didn’t manage to get the exposure it deserved. Produced by August Darnell whom you might remember for the classics ‘I’ll Play The Fool’ and ‘Cherchez La Femme; Se Si Bon’ under the Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band guise. And probably more, as the mastermind behind Kid Creole & The Coconuts along with Coati Mundi.

Now retrospectively thinkin’, it’s not insane to think ‘Is It Love’ might pretty well have inspired ‘Annie I’m Not Your Daddy’. At least, to a certain extend. Meanwhile, as already said, one could feel too a certain parental link with T-Connection‘s ‘Do What You Wanna Do’.

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With the disbanding of Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band effective back in 1978, singer/bassist Thomas August Darnell Browder put together a new group by the likes of Machine. Eventually recruiting Clare Bathé and Jay Stovall. But also Kevin Nance, Lonnie Ferguson and Melvin Lee who were to form The Earons (remember their classic ‘Land Of Hunger’) back in 1983.

Quite a transient project, Machine released only 2 albums, respectively in 1979 and the year after, including a couple of worth a listen jams. From ‘There But For The Grace of God Go I’ to ‘Is It Love’ and ‘Power And Reason’. Although not makin’ enough noise obviously for Darnell who was soon after to meet worldwide recognition as the charismatic lead character of Kid Creole & The Coconuts

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