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Madonna – Vogue (12″ Version)

Classics: Madonna – Vogue (12″ Version) (Sire)

Self reinvention along with time is most likely the proper of a true artist. And God knows how Madonna established herself as the perfect example to this. Most definitely findin’ her inspiration on countless subjects. From society matters to lifestyles and fashion to name a few. Her provocative instinct bringin’ her to break countless boundaries in the meantime…

She would be for much in the recognition of the Vogue-ing by the end of the 80’s as a matter of fact. A NYC underground trend which found its influences from those famous photographed poses one could see on French mag… Vogue! Therefore bringing this Vogue-like dancing phonemena into the mainstream culture. Just like Malcolm McLaren & The Bootzilla Orchestra did it on ‘Deep In Vogue’, although to a lesser extend.

‘Vogue’ not only took the Vogue-ing community by storm. It probably built up its impact from the fact that it appeared to many as the missing link between Disco and House Music. With thanks to producer Shep Pettibone who cleverly integrated elements from The Salsoul Orchestra‘s ‘Ooh I Love It (Love Break)’ in it. A Disco classic which he no surprisingly happened to remix as well at the time…

Besides, Erick Henderson of Slant Magazine pretty well exposed what ‘Vogue’ happened to be about at the time. “If some found her cultural appropriation presumptuous, the reward was in the music you could let your body move to, hey, hey, hey. At least so far as Pop music is concerned, ‘Vogue’ was instrumental in allowing Disco revivalism to emerge. Allowing the denigrated gay genre to soar once again within the context of House music, the genre Disco became in its second life…”

“Vogue, let your body move to the music!” Just what it says!

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