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Make it happen, but make it right at the end!

Make It HappenLet’s just face it: each situation has its downsides! Not so long ago, putting out music would have required resources, none of us could reasonably gather. Beginning with the budgets. From the production work (hiring musicians, eventually singers, recording sessions, mastering, artwork). To the necessary structure (label, PR, marketing, etc). Not to mention the knowledge! But now, with a bit of research, the help of a computer and the necessary programs, history has shown us how almost everything is potentially possible. The only problem consisting in how to properly reach our respective target. And, even more, engage it in what’s gonna be(come) a viable way, economically speaking. In other words, make it right and supposing you’ve already made it happen, which is (also) another thing!!!

Make it happen…
You tend to think that just because of having the necessary tools, you can make it happen? Non-sense! Simply because there’s a big difference between doin’ music, be it made with the help of technology as opposed to said real musicians, and makin’ noise. Like countless people unfortunately do nowadays, figuring that sampling bits & bops over a beat can make it. Well, the results are speakin’ for themselves from a year to another. As things with no real sense simply just don’t make it along with time at the end.

Still have doubts? Alright then. Let’s just make a test while putting yourself in the shoes of a potential consumer. So what do we have? Just like a continuous flow of sollicitations we’ll most likely not have the will to check. As so many of them end up being such a waste of time at the end. Meaning that chances are great we could pass on something interesting because of being diluted in this endless magma.

So rather than yourself wasting your time, taking the risk of killing your credibility and the attention you may have whenever requiring the time of someone, ask yourself about the quality of your work. If, should you be a label manager, you would put some money on it. And if, in the position of the consumer, you would pay for it. Then if you happen to think you wouldn’t, I suppose you’ll have a first element of response. And please, forget about being self-indulgent. As it has never been the proper of the market to be so, like it or not!

Make it right!
You think you made it happen? I’m glad for you then. But now comes the other part of the challenge. And here as well, changes have been drastic with the arrival of an ever performing technology, although with downsides as well. Many are those tending to think that dropping posts on social networks like on their own pages or in groups, when not their fan pages is enough. And the results as well are quite eloquent.

No wonder why whenever you tend to forget about real PRing. I mean contacting the right people (DJ’s, radio programmers and presenters, journalists) in order to spread your message and therefore act as your ambassadors in front of their respective audiences. But also thinking about some efficient distribution (ITunes, Amazon…) and eventually work along streaming platforms even though things tend to show as to how the fees one get from them are quite ridiculous in comparison with the amount of streams.

Differently said, you may be a talented artist, an imaginative label manager or whatsoever. But do you ever think you can both sing, play, mix, PR… Do graphic design and the list goes on??? I seriously doubt this. And this simply because 24 a day isn’t enough and the amount of skills to do so so demanding. So stop thinking the wrong way, as what you could eventually save on short term when doin’ extra things as opposed to hire a specialist with chances of results, ends up like a waste of money on a long term view.

Make it happen is fine, but make it right remains the key…

Editorials – Make it happen, but make it right at the end!

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