Mon. Oct. 25, 2021

Make that move! (It’s just about time…)

Make That MoveMake that move! It’s just about time…
Reprise, re-edit, readaptation, remix, rework… The “Re” prefix has never seemed so up to date than in this period we’re livin’. As if there was like a need to find a brake facing the fast forward (the always quicker) we’ve gone into for quite some time now.
True, there have been here and there demonstrations of an obvious returning need on oneself. As notoriously depitcted by US famous set in the 50’s TV series The ‘Happy Days’. But creativity was definitely around. Seeing the arrival of successive genres givin’ shape to the said contemporary production along the decades that followed.

Soul, Funk, Disco in the 70’s. Hip-Hop, R&B, House, Techno in the 80’s. Drum & Bass and Broken Beat in the 90’s. But what about the current century being – should this be reminded – already on its 16th year? Not that much as a matter of fact. Apart from that nearly systematical recycling process of what’s been done before. As if the society, in fear of quite an uncertain tomorrow, was to reassure itself in the souvenir of times considered more glorious/magnificent.

Certains stats as well may be the subject of some heavy thoughts. With, for instance more, than 70% of French youngsters wanting to have a job in the public function. A sector reputedly not as risky as workin’ for a private company. Not to say becoming an entrepreneur!
A tendency for the search of the minimalization of the risk that we find nowadays on numerous scopes. Most oftenly givin’ birth to reproduction as opposed to the creation. To the copy (and paste) as opposed to the genuine. To everything as a matter of fact, except make that move…

With this in mind, can we still talk about art in regards to an activity nowadays assimilated to an industry under the power of big financial poles? And here we go with that famous dream supposedly making going ahead, despite its hazardous side. Bumping itself headlong to the harshness of an environment which doesn’t make dream that much anymore. Then leads us to remember of times not that far away when everything seemed still possible. Or, to say the least, not so complicated as nowadays…

Mind you, the division of our societies has occured inbetween. But should it be legitimate to figure out we’re up to eat Italian at a pizzeria, this must not mean there’s nothing else but pizzas. Unless quickly comin’ to an overdose.
Dreamin’ is to go ahead. And when there’s not much space left for dreamin’, we then come to get disillusioned. Looks like that’s what has been happening for many of us.
Time to make that move, don’t you think???

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