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Marc Cotterell – Into The Light (Reelsoul Vocal Remix)

Marc Cotterell feat. Doreen Younglove – Into The Light (Reelsoul Vocal Remix) (Plastik People Digital)

Better late than never! Back on the blocks editorially speaking, we couldn’t resist giving extra support to this gem released a few weeks ago. This collaboration between label head Marc Cotterell and Doreen Younglove standing among the highlights of the Summer 2016.
‘Into The Light’ is pretty much what one can expect when givin’ it a listen. The singer brings us into a universe of earthly delights from the first note over this bouncing jam. Meanwhile, William Reelsoul Rodriquez gets her performance to the next level with lush arrangements.

Listening between the lines, and one might find a snippet of a line that seems inherited from Lionel Richie‘s ‘Love Will Find A Way’. Somehow bringing us back to the souvenir of Soul ID‘s ‘Believe’… One can feel the man’s obvious sense of detail in a remix that carries his signature and even more on his instrumental rework. One of his best remixes ever!

Getting into the light, that’s pretty much what we need. We most likely do want more of these. How about you?
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– They say if you can’t beat them, join them… Marc Cotterell knew from the start that the golden era 90’s House sound could not be beat. Holding its place as one of House Music’s most beloved periods, Marc happened to fall in love with the deeper House stylings of that decade in 1993. He’s been climbing the ranks of the zeitgeist’s most valuable players ever since with his productions. Not to mention the running of his Plastik People label, and DJing as leverage.

When influential icons like Kerri Chandler are knocking at your door to personally say how much they love and play your releases, surely you’ve done something right. Having the hit-making New Jersey vocalist Tears Of Velva contributing to ‘For Those We Love’ certainly didn’t hurt. Plastik People’s exclusive relationship handling the releases of another heralded artist – Playin’ 4 The City – only further solidified the level Marc is operating at.

Inspiring figures such as DJ Spen, DJ Fudge and Lars Behrenroth among others have supported Marc Cotterell‘s productions. Traxsource head Brian Tappert regularly relies on Plastik People releases in his Traxsource LIVE! show rotation. And as well, he features Marc on his Defected in the House Radio Guest Mix. Through Plastik People Records, which he founded in 2012, Cotterell has gone to bat for other artists he believes in. Such as Olivier Portal aka Playin’ 4 The City. But also Kiko Navarro, Reelsoul and Louie Balo.

– Experiencing Doreen Younglove is like tasting a hot atomic fireball candy for the first time. The bright red candy starts out sweet. Then it bursts into a spicy cinnamon flavor that pops, cools and draws you back for more…
This sultry singer will penetrate your soul. Her versatile vocal stylings will charge you up. They’ll feed off your energy and take you where you never expected.

Doreen’s distinct style and sound harmonizes with the singer’s life. She spent her childhood on the move, going with her family from California to Massachusetts and places in between.
“Moving around enabled me to adapt to any environment. My family and our love of music was my home. Music was our solace, our escape, our comfort. If it weren’t for my family I wouldn’t have been exposed to such diversity. My brothers were into the Grateful Dead, Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath. Meanwhile, my sister listened Squeeze, Talking Heads, David Bowie and the Beatles. As for my parents, my mother loved Broadway shows and Disco while my father preferred classical.” Doreen laughs. “This exposure served me as a vocalist and writer.”

Her music is a unique blend of Rock, Soul, Hip-Hop and Jazz which, fused together, create a sound that separates Younglove from other female artists. Her songs take you on an emotional journey that, like life, deals with with moments of challenge, discovery and sheer joy. Endlessly melodic and always entertaining this four-octave contralto is dynamic on stage.

Starting out on New York’s well known Bleecker Street strip, Doreen emerged on the scene doing studio and live back-up vocals for various artists, performing at places such as Life, the Elbow Room, Terra Blues and the Bitter End. She then began to explore Dance Music which led to releases on the underground scene. Her tracks enjoyed radio play and rotation at some of New York City’s hottest Dance clubs, including the influential and internationally respected House Music party, Body & Soul.

This powerful vocalist, like the well loved hot and sweet cinnamon candy, has an irresistible flavor and is a necessary addition to the music lover’s diet.

Into the light, that’s most likely where the lady brings us…

William Rodriquez III found his early influences in the wide rage of musical sounds and styles which his dad introduced him to. From Cerrone to Loose Ends. Not to mention the various tones of Hip-Hop and Dance Music that surrounded him.
An avid collector of 45’s by the age of 4, this experience continued to have an expression for Will‘s creative outlet. By the age of 10, he taught himself by ear to play the keyboard. His cousin bringin’ his attention to Deep House cuts from labels such as Strictly Rhythm and Nervous. And a year after, he eventually started spinnin’. Nurturin’ his craft musical arrangements across the board from Hip-Hop, Rare Groove & Underground House Parties.

By 1992, Will was making beats with two tape decks and a keyboard. This rich musical assortment continued to thrive on his passion for production. As he continued to advance himself in the art of making music so did his sound. His rich soulful debut, ‘Take Me To A Place’ found a home on Frankie Feliciano‘s Ricanstruction label.

He quickly followed with a string of releases for various labels, meanwhile establishing an instantly recognizable signature. Therefore turnin’ countless jams into essential cuts. From The Laybouts & Pete Simpson‘s ‘Thank You’ to Soul: ID‘s ‘Believe’. But also Marc Cotterell‘s ‘Into The Light’. Or Diephuis featuring Jocelyn Brown‘s ‘Don’t Quit’. Not to mention Sterling Ensemble featuring Lee Wilson‘s ‘Everybody’ to name a few. Then Deva Mahal‘s ‘Wicked’ that’s seen him sharing the duties with Quantize Recordings label head DJ Spen

As a matter of fact, it’s as if everybody wanted to have something of Reelsoul these days. Such as Dihann Moore with her revamp of ‘True To Yourself’ on Makin Moves…

No surprisingly, Reelsoul also crafted masterpieces under his own banner. Beginning with the memorable ‘For The Love Of You’ featuring Kyra back in 2010 on MN2S. And ‘Get Myself Together’ on his recently launched Reelsoul Musik label.

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