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Marcel Vogel – Doin’ It (Noema’s Dirty Dubbing Remix)

Tennerz: Marcel Vogel feat Milos Gersie & Gianna Tam – Doin’ It (Noema’s Dirty Dubbing Remix) (Intimate Friends)

To be honest, in most cases, the matter is not doin’ it. But how to do it! As technology allows us to do almost everything we want nowadays. But this, of course, as long as we have acquired a certain knowledge as to how to use it. As a result, no wonder neither as to how we may find hybrids of all sorts circulating now and then.

So what is Marcel Vogel‘s ‘Doin’ It About’? If ever goin’ to Traxsource, you’ll see it rated as “Nu-Disco” which is kinda vague in my humble opinion. Meanwhile Discogs describes it as “Electronic House” which is no more precise at the end, I’m afraid. With both proceedures bein’ a strange way of doin’t it as a matter of fact.

Of course, here we most likely have a 4X4 classic beat. But the rest most definitely brings us away from both ‘Nu Disco” and “Electronic House”. This if ever we may consider both of them if not at least the latter as genres…

Besides the titling of this remix gives a certain indication as to what to expect when havin’ a listen to this version of ‘Doin’ It’. Sounding more like some fascinating Reggae mutant as a matter of fact. This infectious Dub Mix has definitely all it takes to get you bouncin’ along with saxophonist Miloš Dušan Simba Gersi and multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter Gianna Tam.

Might sound unusual to some of you, although it’s the typical hybrid we tend to like on these shores. In the vein of Moritz Von Oswald‘s not to be missed ‘Watamu Beach Rework’ and Crackazat‘s ‘Coffee Time’. This in addition other things you’ll be finding in our Miscellaneous section.

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Download from Traxsource.

A German native, Marcel Vogel wanted to get involved in all things music from an early age on. Compiling tapes from his mother’s record collection, he became a true addict of Yo MTV Raps and this whole fantastic world of Hip-Hop. Trying to be a B-Boy, trying to be a rapper, a poet and a writer. And first becoming a DJ after countless practising session. This getting him to join this category of DIY peeps that are DJing and organize parties. When not setting up labels and release the music that is missing in the records stores.

First parties saw him playing Chicago & Disco House. But a couple of factors had a heavy influence on his more organic and free style of Djing for which he is known nowadays. In other words, Theo Parrish, Jazzanova’s Alex Barck & Madvilliany.
Baptized as a regular dancer, the German roamer has taken the neccessary steps to follow the call of his musical soul. He is more than ever a passionate DJ and record digger. This with an ear for the unheard soulful groove between Disco, Rare Groove and House.

He wanted to make and release music as long as he can remember. His first independent moves became the Legacy parties that he hosted as a resident in Berlin from 2003-2007. This becoming already a hub for everything Disco related.

After a 3 year stint in Switzerland he moved to Amsterdam to connect with a lot of soulful institutions and study audio engineering. Eventually founding Disco / Edit / Chicago House label Lumberjacks In Hell. An imprint which, after a couple of own releases, became a hub for cats such as Traxx, Jamie 326 and Rahaan. This in addition to Rayko with ‘All Around The Watchtower’ to which Marcel contributed on the flipside under his Em Vee guise.

Back in 2013, Marcel Vogel eventually expanded his activities. This with the launch of another label by the likes of Intimate Friends due to welcome his won releases. He first teamed up with Milos Gersie on ‘Body To Body’ back then. Then went for an encore with him along with Gianna Tam on the infectious ‘Doin’ It’ the year after. Eventually releasing a mini-album by the likes of ‘Human Being’ in 2016.

In 2017, he eventually teamed up with Karizma on ‘The Deadpool EP’ with the latter eventually remixing ‘I Got Jesus’. Then he shared the bill the year after with Khalil Anthony, successively on ‘Dance The Blues Away’ then ‘Brown Curls’. This is addition to a collab with RüF Dug on ‘You Are The One’ from the ‘Tusk Wax Twenty Three’ EP on British label Tusk Three…

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