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Mario – Let Me Love You (Album Version)

Classics: Mario – Let Me Love You (Album Version (J Records)

“You should let me love you. Let me be the one to give you everything you want and need. Baby, good love and protection. Make me your selection, show you the way love’s supposed to be. Baby, you should let me love you, love you, love you…” Now who’s the one of us who’s never got in front of such a situation? You please tell me…
In the meantime, you do yourself a favor while givin’ a listen to ‘Let Me Love You’. And you eventually also tell me if ever someone else could have given it a better interpretation than Mario Dewar Barrett

Things just happen at times with a certain song meant to be sung by a singer rather than anyone else. And a singer meant to be singing a song rather than anyone else. With this pretty much being the case regarding both ‘Let Me Love You’ and Mario at the end.

Released back in 2004, this at the time when Mario had just turned 18, ‘Let Me Love You’ says a lot about his capactity to transcript feelings. Therefore, no wonder as to how it became and still remains his signature song. Seeing him evolving in a touching Quiet Storm handclapped vein. Thus makin’ of ‘Let Me Love You’ one of the sommthest mellow cuts ever. In a flow somehow reminding of Surface‘s classic ‘Happy’. With thanks to its outstanding production work courtesy of Scott Storch.

Besides, I wouldn’t be surprised being said Mario’s performance has been of some influence for Noel Gourdin when comin’ up with his ‘After My Time’ debut-album four years later. And more precisely its opening cut, ‘One Love’…

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Hailing from a family of artists, he’s the nephew of actress Mo’nique… Meanwhile, he’s related to Tony and Trinia Braxton as to rapper XzibitMario Dewar Barrett is best remembered for both his appearance in the films, ‘Step Up’ and ‘Freedom Writers’, as for songs like Just A Friend of Mine in 2002 and ‘Let Me Love You’ two years later.

A Native of Baltimore, MD, Mario grew up living with his grandmother who raised him while his single mother was struggling with drug addiction. By the age of 4, he proclaimed he wanted to become a singer. He eventually joined a musical group in Milford Mill Academy. This with the oldest son of comedian Mo’Nique and best friend, Jaye Brebnor, and his younger god sister Chea Tyler.

Mario learned to play piano which he would use to craft up his melodies and songs. Discovering him singin’ at some college talent show, Troy Patterson became his manager when he was 11.
He eventually attended Milford Mill Academy up until the tenth grade. Then, at the age of 14, Clive Davis offered him a record deal with his J Records label. The first traces of him bringin’ us back to 2001 and the release of ‘Tameeka’. A cut that saw him sharing the bill with Rapper Fabolous, as a part of the ‘Dr. Dolittle 2’ OST.

Mario released his eponymous debut-album a few months later, in 2002. Comin’ straight to #1 in the charts with the bumpin’ ‘Just A Friend 2002’. Then he would switch to the upper gear two years later. This with the release of his ‘Turning Point’ album and its lead single, ‘Let Me Love You’.

Two more albums followed on J Records during the 2000’s. In other words, ‘Go’ in 2007 and ‘D.N.A.’ two years later, although none of their singles left a comparable impression. Meanwhile, the first half of the 2010’s would stand like a nightmare for Mario. Inbetween the cancellation of his then upcoming albums then the internal restructuration of the RCA group. Itself leading to the dismiss of their associated labels, beginning with J Records.

Mario made at last his return in 2018 with his fifth album. This by the likes of ‘Dancing Shadows’ on his own New Citizen LLC imprint. The latter spanning two singles – ‘Drowning’ and its title cut – respectively in July and September.

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