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Martin East Project – Wisdom Of A Million Years (Rmx)

Lost but not least! Martin East Project feat. Lisa Donnelly – Wisdom Of A Million Years (A&M Chill Bootleg Mix)

‘Wisdom Of A Million Years…’ Like it or not, wisdom is per definition nothing you would get get from a single click. Hopefully, we haven’t yet got that option. Meaning that there are still things we only get along with time. Like the know how for instance. And I feel quite comfortable with this as a matter of fact.

Givin’ a listen to ‘Wisdom A Million Years’ and you know. You know you’re in front of something special. Nothing of a surprise though when referring to Martin East. A man who has crafted incredible pieces of music in the past. At the crossroad between Chill Out and (Deep) House. Such as the vibrant ‘Wisdom A Million Years’. A masterpiece that saw him teaming up back in 2011 along with Bay Area-based Folk singer/songwriter and guitarist Lisa Donnelly. Both of them reachin’ rare heights on this acoustic sounding gem as delivered by Martin East on his Organic Mix. And eventually given a further development / edit on Roberto Albini and Sara Muratore‘s A&M Chill Bootleg unofficial rendition…

The sadly underrated ‘Wisdom Of A Million Years’ is nevertheless of the most beautiful (love) songs of all time. Besides, it would definitely have found some space in our 10 essential of the year back then if ever our site had been operational at the time.

Download (the Martin’s Organic Version) from Traxsource.

A native of London, Martin East first appeared as an actor in various British TV shows and movies thoughout the 90’s. And he’s mostly remembered for his performance as Reginald Robinson Lee (Lookout) in the James Cameron‘s 1997 film, ‘Titanic’.

Relocating to Los Angeles, CA, he soon after left the film and television industry to follow his true passion, music. Eventually turning himself into a prominent DJ/producer for California-based production and publishing label, Kapa Music. With the first traces of him bringin’ us back to 2007 under the Martin East Project banner. This with the release of the piano-driven ‘Let Me Take You’ as remixed by Scott Wozniak.

Among his most memorable tracks, ‘Some People’ featuring Eman with remix courtesy of Ralf GUM. Then ‘Release’ with Mr V comin’ up with a couple of remixes. But also ‘We Can Be Friends’ which saw him sharing the bill with Jared Douglas. Itself soon after followed by ” with the same Douglas in charge of the vocal performance, and Scott Wozniak of the reworks.

East came up with one of his most beautiful cuts by the end of 2011. This while teamin’ up with the sultry Lisa Donnelly on the vibrant ‘Wisdom Of A Million Years’. The latter comin’ up with a brilliant mix/edit courtesy of Roberto Albini and Sara Muratore a few months after. Then Martin East came to collaborate once again with Jared Douglas on the blowin’ bass-driven ‘Making Memories’. Meanwhile A WMC 2014 three tracker would be the very last release on Kapa Music to date. Including a boomin’ rework of ‘Entrance To The Temple’ by the likes of Pete Herbert bringin’ our man into Nu-Disco territories.
Two tracks which Keys Snow happened to remix – ‘Making memories’ and ‘Lead Me On’ – resurfacing during the Summer of 2018 on South African label Othic Company.

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