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Marty Thomas – Resurrect Me (Lift Me Up)

Lost but not least! Marty Thomas – Resurrect Me (Lift Me Up) (Shelter Mix) (West End Records)

Oh My God! You certainly have no idea, unless you’d known him, as to what the return of West End Records represented to Mel Cheren at the time. I remember feeling a rare emotion in the tone of his voice as in his eyes. Eventually comin’ to think (dreamin’) of resurrecting the Paradise Garage. Oh My God! What a blast this would have been.

I remember when (Uncle) Mel told me about West End’s return. Meanwhile being given a 12″ test pressing of Linda Clifford‘s ‘Changin” by Jeannie Hooper of the Liquid Sound Lounge fame who was in charge of the PR if not doin’ a mistake. And I also remember when he (Mel) gave me a listen to Marty Thomas‘ ‘Resurrect Me’ at his office at the Colonial House. He was so proud of it, as of this Broadway artist with an incredible voice. And the fact is I hardly could feel any different. And, in the meantime, be so happy for the one who’d graced me with his love and friendship until the sad day of his passing by the end of 2007.

Irressistible is just the first word comin’ to mind. This when comin’ to get the very first notes of Marty Thomas‘ ‘Resurrect me’. From its jazzy stellar keys. To its slammin’ funky bass-driven rhythm pattern. With thanks to its blowing remixing work courtesy of Timmy Regisford along with Blaze. Not to mention the man’s one of a kind vocal performance.

Missed it? Check it out. I’m telling you once again… You just don’t wanna miss this!

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

Marty Thomas describes himself as “a New York based rennaissance man.” Enough for West End Records label CEO Mel Cheren to sign him on his then newly relaunched label. And get him delivering his debut-single, ‘Resurrect Me’. This with remixing work courtesy of Timmy Regisford and Blaze back in 2001.

Speakin’ of Marty Thomas, Mel Cheren told me he discovered him as an actor. As a matter of fact, Marty had done his Broadway debut in ‘The Secret Garden’ years before at the early age of 11.

Strangely enough, Discogs only credits him with 3 singles, although Marty Thomas has way more than these as one may aptly realize when comin’ to his site. Therefore showing his scope is much more wider than House. But also showcasing his undeniable talent. This allowing him to eventually record radio/TV commercials. But also open for Patti LaBelle and Grace Jones and sing back ups for various artists. From Stephanie Mills to Billy Porter among others.

Thomas always happened to stand midway between acting and singing. Named Mr. Broadway 2008, he happened to be a 1992 Ed McMahons’ Junior Vocalist Star Search Champion. He toured abroad with famed gospel show Queen Esther Marrow and the Harlem Gospel Singers, appearing as the groups first caucasian member. And he created a show – ‘Marty Thomas Presents DIVA’ – which he also hosts and produces. This as a tribute to the iconic female powerhouse vocalists throughout history.
Serving as the shows musical director, arranger, choreographer and wardrobe stylist, Marty has performed around the world in regional theater and on cabaret and cruise ship stages.
His thrilling one man fully orchestrated show has been seen by thousands of theater fans around the globe.

Marty Thomas is also an accomplished teacher. He teaches musical theater classes at New York Cities famed New York Film Academy. He has also taught masterclasses in high school and university classrooms around the country. His coaching and music editing talents are seen regularly within the talent categories of the Miss America Pageant system.

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