Sun. Oct. 17, 2021

Mary J Blige – Right Now (Capitol Records)

Tennerz: Mary J Blige – Right Now (Capitol Records)

“I’m telling you right now. No, I won’t play this game with you. I’m taking it back now, I’m turning it right round. My love won’t be the same for you no more…” Now you tell me… Is this Electronic R&B? Is this lazy EDM? Whatever as long as it rolls…

Obviously tired of an environment under the domination of formats with everything sounding pretty much the same – America – the Hip-Hop/R&B Queen has felt the need to rejuvenate herself.
Recording a new album – ‘The London Sessions’ – alongside local artists such as Disclosure (responsible for this production), Sam Smith and others. This resulting in some interesting hybrids such as the lazy and bittersweet ‘Right Now’!

Funnily enough, here is what we can read about it on Wikipedia among other things… “Musically, the song is a mid-tempo groove dominated by deep house beats and UK garage.” With this beeing one of the most ridiculous annotations I’ve ever seen to describe a piece of music. Meanwhile telling a lot about the knowldege of its author…

Download from iTunes.

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