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Masters At Work feat. India – I Can’t Get No Sleep

Classics: Masters At Work feat. India – I Can’t Get No Sleep (Kenlou 12″ Version) (Cutting Records)

Incredible as to how time flies, don’t you think? I mean it’s just like kinda hard realizing nearly 25 years have gone since the release of ‘I Can’t Get No Sleep’. This makin’ its contemporaries pretty much feel like it belongs to another world. But that’s just the way life goes at the end. And this generation after generation.

Speakin’ of ‘I Can’t Get No Sleep’, I guess one can say it’s still like an early House cut. With that something rough if not ravey in its arrangements. Meanwhile India might nearly seem like possessed at moments. This adding to the overall feeling of obsession of the whole. Mind you, “I can’t get no sleep”, she sings. Even though the double negation in its title seems kinda weird at the end…

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

A native of in Puerto Rico although raised in Brooklyn, Linda Viera Caballero, better known as India started working as a backing vocalist on various Latin-Freestyle projects in a genre also known as Borica. She then would collaborate with John ‘Jellybean’ Bentitez (Madonna). Eventually crossing the path of Louie Vega who-co-produced ‘Dancing On The Fire’ for her back in 1988.

She achieved her biggest successes with the latter and production partner Kenny Dope under their Masters At Work guise. Thus giving birth to ‘I Can’t Get No Sleep’ on Cutting Records back in 1993. Then ‘To Be In Love’ on MAW Records. Not to mention her contribution on the cover version of ‘Runaway’ on the memorable Nuyorican Soul album in 1996.

Parting way with Louie Vega, she would become more involved in the Latin purist arena from then. Eventually becoming considered as The Princess Of Salsa. Thus garnering 3 Grammy Award and 2 Latin Grammy Award nominations. Meanwhile collaborating with luminaries such as Tito Puente, Celia Cruz or Marc Anthony to name but a few…

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