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Matt Bianco – More Than I Can Bear (WEA)

Classics: Matt Bianco – More Than I Can Bear (WEA)

Unlike what this guise suggests, here we go not with an artist bug a threesome. Featuring former Blue Rondo A La Turk members Mark Reilly and Danny White. This in addition to the then unknown Polish singer Basia Trzetrzelewska. Taken from their debut-album – ‘Who’s Side Are You On’ – released in 1984. An album that would spawn classics such as ‘Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed’, ‘Sneaking Out The Back Door’ and ‘More Than I Can Bear’…

Displaying a real emotion on a Bossa Nova-ish mood, ‘More Than I Can Bear’ ironically stands as a premonitory warning. As a matter of fact, it would be their very last single under this formation at the time. With Basia‘s departure to embark on a solo career along with group member Danny White

Hard not to remain with an impression of furstration though. As it would have been worth havin’ more music from them. Don’t you think?

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Matt Bianco went under various formations along with time. Former Blue Rondo A La Turk members Mark Reilly and Danny White briefly performed under the Bronze banner along with Polish singer Basia Trzetrzelewska. Eventually givin’ birth to Matt Bianco back in 1984. Their success happened to be immediate. With their ‘Whose Side Are You On?’ debut-album featuring gems such as ‘Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed’ and ‘More Than I Can Bear’.

Basia and Danny White, who subsequently formed a romantic relationship, left the group soon after the first album though. Meanwhile crafting what would be a very successful international solo career for Basia. Beginning with her 1987 debut-album, ‘Time And Tide’ which sold almost two million copies. With thanks to singles such as ‘Promises, ‘Run For Cover’, ‘Prime Time TV’ and its title track.

On his own then, Reilly found two new musical partners. In other words, Jenni Evans who became the new female singer for the band on one side. And on the other, former Wham! and Second Image keyboardist and session musician Mark Fisher in lieu of White as songwriter and producer. This new line-up recording their self-titled album, which saw the light in 1986 and contained the memorable ‘Yeh Yeh’.

Jenni Evans left soon after its recording and was not replaced. From then, Matt Bianco hired Gloria Estefan‘s husband and producer Emilio Estefan to produce a few songs. The latter serving as singles to promote ‘Indigo’, their third album which received moderate success.

Matt Bianco went independant, licensing their music on with various labels around the world with mixed success. And after 20 years of collaboration, Reilly and Fisher parted ways amicably.

Basia and Danny White eventually joined Mark Reilly to reform the original Matt Bianco in 2003. And the year after, they released the album ‘Matt’s Mood’.

After the success of ‘Matt’s Mood’, Basia and White left the band once again. This with the aim to relaunch Basia‘s profile. Meanwhile Reilly reunited with Fisher with Matt Bianco turnin’ back as a duo.

Mark Fisher sadly died on Dec. 12 2016, aged 57.

The official Matt Bianco site made it clear that Reilly intended to carry on under the Matt Bianco banner. Meanwhile indicating that a new album is in the process of being recorded.

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