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MC Solaar – Bouge de la (Talkin’ Loud)

Classics: MC Solaar – Bouge de la (Talkin’ Loud)

Would you believe this? One of the signs of the internet dictatorship and, in the meantime, the domination of English worldiwde… We had to write ‘Bouge de la’ as opposed to ‘Bouge de là’ to get our SEO system workin’. Although it didn’t get this jazzy gem with lyrics in French from meeting some audience abroad after Gilles Peterson licensed it on Talkin’ Loud back then…

I guess many of you will find dificulties understanding the meaning of this song. But after all, isn’t that the common of those of us comin’ to listen to English sung music although hailing from a different speakin’ environment? And, by that, I just mean the majority of us at the end…

Rap most definitely found a huge base Stateside. And so did it in France as well as a matter of fact. But I’m speakin’ of Rap. And this in order to make the difference with Hip-Hop which, to me, is more related to rhyming and, by that, poetry. This being more precisely where is to be found Claude M’Barali, aka MC Solaar. An artist who made his reputation upon complex lyrics mainly based on word play with tracks such as ‘Caroline’. Not to mention ‘Nouveau Western’, built on a sample of Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot‘s ‘Bonnie & Clyde’. With ‘Bouge de la’ makin’ no exception. Meanwhile pretty much highlighting the mixity of Paris’ suburbs at the time.

No doubt though as to how its clever construction on a sample of Cymande‘s ‘The Message’ had been of a help. Getting ‘Bouge de la’ to find some echo at a time when the British scene was jumpin’ on the rare groove thing. But also to see Solaar gettin’ signed on Gilles Peterson‘s Talkin’ Loud label. And eventually collaborate soon after with Urban Species then the late Guru

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A quick look at these shores and chances are great you’ll realize (if you haven’t already done so), as to how Rap is definitely not our focal point. And by sayin’ “Rap”, I mean the scene that’s been spreadin’ messages of hate during the G Rap period. But also came with degrading images as far as women are concerned. In other words, as many things more or less related to the notion of “testosterone”. Meanwhile, miles away from any idea of art, be it music as lyrics. And, by that, from Hip-Hop where are to be found disciplines such as lyricism and / or turntablism.

Needless to say as to how Dakar native Claude M’Barali belongs to the latter category. With thanks to a childhood that saw him relocating to France when he was six months old. Then spending almost a year by an uncle of his in Cairo, Egypt, by the age of 12. Not to mention the constant support of his mom which allowed him to both become a graduate and study music.

Solaar eventually studied languages at the Jussieu university campus and became a postgraduate in Philosophy. This most likely explainin’ his one of a kind aptitude to play along with words. Meanwhile givin’ a first display of his talent back in 1990 with ‘Bouge de la’ built on a sample of Cymande‘s classic ‘The Message’. Then the year after with his debut-album, ‘Qui sème le vent récolte le tempo’. An impressive collection featuring not only its title track, but also ‘Bouge de la’ and the outstanding ‘Caroline’.

Seeing the light 2 years later, in 1994, its follow-up – ‘Prose combat’ – spanned another jewel by the likes of ‘Nouveau Western’. With Solaar this time sampling parts of Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot‘s ‘Bonnie & Clyde’. But also showcasing his penchant for collaborations such as on ‘Obsolète’ with Les Sages Poètes De La Rue.

As a matter of fact, the man has never ceased exploring the downs of the Black people who migrated to France to make a better living. Meanwhile comin’ up in a unique (and most definitely) clever style. Eventually bringin’ him to be recognized by some of his American alter egos. This resulting in extra collaborations with the late Guru on ‘Le bien, le mal’, from his ‘Jazzmatazz” series. But also Missy Elliott on ‘All N My Grill’. If not The Roots who came to join him on ‘I’m Doin’ Fine’.

Solaar has released a total of 8 albums to date with his latest effort – ‘Gépoétique’ – back in 2017. Adding another masterpiece to his impressive collection with ‘Sonotone’.

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