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Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. – Shine On Silver Moon

Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. – Shine On Silver Moon (Columbia)

‘Shine On Silver Moon’… From its very first notes, you get to know. You hate it or you like it. And this for the same reasons at the end. As reflecting a certain idea as to what the Disco style happened to be about. This with its rich orchestrations tending at times to make it sound overproduced and cheesy. And I suppose ‘Shine On Silver Moon’ may sound laidback to many of you nowadays, when not kitsch to some extend. Although not without a certain charm at the end, I would say. With Marilyn McCoo‘s outstanding voice brilliantly takin’ the centerstage, in the middle of an impressive line-up of musicians.

Listening to its drumbeat, I couldn’t help myself finding some connection though with the firing ‘Lady Of The Night / Hey Honey, Come Give Me Money’ by the likes of Ray Martinez & Friends two years later, back in 1980.

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Billy Davis, Jr. originally made his way as a member of 5th Dimension, themselves known as the Versatiles back in 1966. He would later see the arrival of Marilyn McCoo in the group, who eventually became his wife. The couple leavin’ the band together in 1975 to perform as a duo, as embodying a certain idea/style.

Among their biggest classics, ‘I Hope We Get to Love in Time’ and ‘Your Love’. But also ‘You Don’t Have to Be A Star (To Be in My Show)’ which won a Grammy Award. They became the first African American married couple to host a network television program, ‘The Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. Show’, on CBS in the Summer of 1977.
The pair signed with Columbia Records the following year. Then they released their last studio album, ‘Marilyn & Billy’, featuring the Disco gem ‘Shine On Silver Moon’…

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