Tue. Sep. 28, 2021

Moloko – Familiar Feeling (Acoustic Session)

Lost but not least! Moloko – Familiar Feeling (Acoustic Session) (no label)

What makes a familiar feeling what it is? Probably the fact that it becomes natural along with time. As if we’d progressively got it as a part of our DNA. It is to say how hard it is whenever we have no other choice than put it aside to, hopefully, keep on movin’.

“Nothing can come close to this familiar feeling…” With the day after (and most likely) all the following ones seeing us in the obligation to take our distance from it

“I Keep forgetting we’re not in love anymore. I keep forgetting things will never be the same again…” As many words saying it all regarding the theme of this vibrant bittersweet song. Meanwhile sounding as a statement that put an end to both the lovin’ relationship and the collaboration between Mark Brydon and Róisín Murphy. This bringing us to the souvenir of their 2002 ending ‘Statues’ album together as Moloko.

There would be back then the Plankton‘s Country Slice Remix on a folky mood. Then this unofficial acoustic version, leavin’ more space to Murphy‘s one of a kind performance. Meanwhile embedding the key line of the familiar Michael McDonald‘s classic ‘I Keep Forgettin”. Itself equally for much on the recognition of Warren G with ‘Regulate’ back in the mid-90’s.

No info as to who recorded/mixed/remixed it despite some heavy research. Apart from the fact that it saw the light along with other acoustic takes of classics such as ‘Forever More’, ‘Sing It Back’ and ‘The Time Is Now’…

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