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Money’s too tight to mention (but DIY can’t do it all)!

Money's too tight to mentionMoney’s too tight to mention! In this new environment where an access to almost everything is given from a single click, many are those of us who’ve ended up mistakin’ themselves, thinkin’ we could deal with everything, and therefore instantly reach the next stage… This is just forgetting about the necessary time we need to get the savoir-faire. Itself only being one half of the job done with the second one (and it’s a way other one) being the… faire-savoir!

Of course, DIY (do it yourself) has ended up prevailing for a big majority of us. With this for obvious financial reasons. But let’s be honest at least for a while… Has this contributed to make our world as our daily life better at the end?

One might tend to think that we to some extend have become autonomous. This in comparison to a relatively recent period when we needed a surrounding in order to achieve certain things. Like the publication of a magazine for instance, the shooting of a video or the recording of a piece of music. As many things speakin’ of which lesser people are needed nowadays. With thanks to the assistance of an ever performing technology!

Of course, each of us is in the position to reach way more people nowadays. This while using the self-proclaimed social networks. But is this really it?!?
Let’s have a quick look at what artists have to do these days in order to at least exist… First and foremost, they would need to put out music. Meaning, for a big majority of them, putting their own money as advance for the people they’re working with (singers, musicians, sound engineers). But also the artworks, the conditioning of their products, then some distribution deal. With many of them still thinking that this is pretty much about it! Fine then, but what about the necessary communication, just like the in house PR/marketing services use to do in the few remaining major companies???

Money’s too tight to mention. But wait a minute, as this is just half of the job done. Besides, if ever we only needed talent to make it, this would have been standing as an evidence for quite some time already, huh?

Alright, you might then object that the evolution of technology has been synonymous with the arrival a whole bunch of useful tools. Beginning with websites, platforms and social networks to spread the word. But how about the time one needs to put out a website… From being familiar with its use. But also its running which means dealing simultaneously with so many challenges???

Any doubt about this? Google is full of countless interesting topics regarding the matter… Then how about the time to set up a real base of likers or followers on the social networks? How about the time required to really know as to how they’re working? To interact in an optimal way with the fans? Then when, and if ever this achieved which is a big every day task, what and how about reaching the major media (radios, TV’s). And, by that, a massive audience???

“Money’s too tight to mention…” This gets me back to what some of my friends doin’ PR regularly tell me about artists, independent labels remaining inactive when suggested to spend a bit of extra money on external communication. With this being nothing – like it or not – but another necessary part of the faire-savoir… Forgetting the fact that getting radio airplay is certainly the shortest way to get return on that specific investment. With more to be read in an informative article by the likes of Christopher Knab on Music Biz Academy.

Of course, money is kinda tight to mention, but there’s nothing new at the end. And we should all know what putting all our eggs in the same basket is synonymous with. Besides, let’s just not forget that, like in any business, the more time and money we have to dedicate to a project, the bigger expectations we can have with respect to goals…

Money’s too tight to mention. A reality which most of the independent actors of the scene have to deal with every single day…

Editorials – Money’s too tight to mention (but DIY can’t do it all)!

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