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Music: How much do we love it / Support it?!?

Music: How much do we love it?“What would you do without your music? Where would you be without a song?”, used to sing D-Train back in 1983. No need to say as to how none of us would imagine such a possibility to ever happen. And this, first and foremost, because music has been with us as long as we can collectively remember. Eventually becoming a part of each of us’s innerside…

The impact of music in our lives has generated countless studies along with time. Among them, a 2001 experiment at Montreal’s McGill College. An experiment which, as Ben Mauk explains on Livescience, “used brain scans to study the neural mechanics of the goosebumps that great music can sometimes induce.” Finding that “the brain structures activated are the same regions linked to other euphoric stimuli. Such as food, sex and drugs…”

“As stimulation for food and sex are important for a organism’s survival, the fact that similar neural activity is observed in responses to features in music suggests that there could be some evolutionary advantage to the ability to hear or hum a good tune.” This most likely explaining the existence of specific expressions when comin’ to listen to music. Such as ‘Free your mind, body, and soul’ for instance. If not the use of specific words to qualify music such as organsmic, sexy, or whatsoever.

As a result, its is to say how the exposure to heavy dose of quality music while in a club or when listening to a radio might get us into like a real trance. Meanwhile, most likely explaining the impact clubs such as The Paradise Garage, The Zanzibar, Body & Soul or the Shelter had at their respective times. But also radio jocks such as Frankie Crocker, Jeff Young or Gilles Peterson. And how about some reviewer gettin’ us to want more about an artist / a record in a (paper) magazine?

Mind you, we’re speakin’ about reputedly good vibes, aren’t we? And I’m not even talkin’ about the craziness that’s been ours back in the days when we were searching hot tunes at our favorite record shop. Or when eventually bidding on eBay to put our hands on some rare tune.

Needless to say how things have changed since. From the establishment of Internet to the introduction of the mp3 then the advent of the social network. As many realities which have got the main protagonists of this sector in the obligation to redefine themselves. Beginning with the artists. But also the producers, if not the DJ’s, not to mention the media.

Of course, and hopefully, there are still people nurturing us with good vibes. But at which price? Facing ridiculous physical sales. With the same applying whenever we get their music from streaming services. And I’m not even talkin’ about the still existing illegal downloading platforms, speakin’ of which nothing is done to get them away from the search engines.

As a result, one pretty much might wonder as to how much we, as individuals, love music nowadays. Trying to get it for free whenever possible, when its providers have to keep on facing production / recording costs in the meantime.

How much do you love music on your side? And how do you see its future?

As for us, we don’t love it, we live it, with the aim our editorial content / concept will get you in the will to want to know more about it.

Editorials: Music: How much do we love it?

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