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Music: Searching to find the one! (Is it easier now?)

Music: Searching to find the one!As a long time observer, I’ve often been asked how I could manage to come up with so many reviews. And eventually if I ever had a method for doin’ this. Well, to the first part of the question, I would humbly say I’ve always loved givin’ exposure to what I believe being quality music. Be it as a DJ, a radio programmer, a compiler or a reviewer. Meaning that for this to happen, I would use whichever tool I had to be searching to find the one…

Searching to find the one for your own self is one thing. Meanwhile doin’ it for the attention of the others is a way different one. Although I would say they both proceed from the same basic principle. In other words, (continuous) research which first and foremost means keepin’ an ear open to whatever may come to you…

I can already feel some of you thinking what I just wrote is an evidence. And, as such, doesn’t bring anything new, which is true in a sense. Although it goes way further than that.

Of course, how could you ever speak of such a sensorial thing – music – if you don’t have your ear (per definition) open?!? But by that, I also mean keep an ear open to the others. This via suggestions you might receive during a conv. While listening to a radio jock. Or while reading a publication, be it on paper or digitalized.

Ironically, I don’t think the establishment of Internet has really changed the things for the best. As although the search engines have become a part of our daily environment, they often lead us to be visiting sites without relevant content at the end. And by that, to writers obviously unable to set the subject they’re talkin’ about into a perspective. Unable to find the supposedly A point of a story. And as a result, to bring us to its Z one. With one of its most obvious exceptions being Wikipedia though.

Internet hasn’t really changed the things for the best. And most likely its arrival has been synonymous with the progressive disappearance of precious sources of informations – the dedicated publications – which haven’t found their digitalized counterparts as of yet. Meanwhile the ongoing corporatization of a majority of radio stations turning into Top 30 or 40 units has drastically reduced their coverage spectrum. And, in the meantime, reduced to almost zero the esposure one should give to new music to reach the attention of listeners. And, by that, exist in itself…

Last but not least, the digitalization process has also done some serious harm to the physical object (the vinyl, the CD). And, in the meantime, to a whole sector of economy. From the record labels to the record shops and the manufacturers. Not to mention the specialized press. All in all strippin’ us from as many precious sources of informations. Beginning with the ones one could find on the album liner notes for instance. With this putting us in a harder position to be searching to find the one at the end.

As many elements which have put us here on IDMW in the obligation to (at least try) to come up with as many relevant elements as possible to make your experience better. With your suggestions always more than welcome to help us responding to your expectations.

As for you, how do you currently manage to be searching to find the one???

Editorials – Music: Searching to find the one!

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