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Namy feat. Josh Milan – From Now On (Remix)

Classics: Namy feat. Josh Milan – From Now On (DJ Spen & N’Dinga Gaba Remix) (King Street)

From now on, from now on… Josh Milan (formerly of Blaze) comin’ up with some inflammable resolution. Therefore leavin’ us in a position where any kind of resistance seems vain. Be it from what stands as a declaration (of love) in itself. But also from the conviction he shows on his performance. Not to mention the infectious groove serving as the overall vehicle. With big ups to DJ Spen together with N’Dinga Gaba who has especially crafted it for the occasion. Both of them most likely bringin’ it to the next level while enhancing its emotional content.

From now on, from now on… “my heart will show!” What an incredible passionate trip in such a hypnotic flow. ‘From Now On’, a track which we heavily championed on our Facebook page back in 2013.

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– Most likely remembered as one half of Blaze along with Kevin Hedge, Josh Milan has set himself up as both a one of a kind performer and songwriter. On his own nowadays or as a featured singer.

One thing one may notice is the way he carefully chooses the themes he expresses. And in the meantime the ones he comes to collaborate with. How to not remember the heartfelt ‘Love Each Other’ along with Yukihiro Fukutomi? The blowing ‘From Now On’ with Namy. The bittersweet ‘I Wish’ along with Matthew Bandy for instance. Or the stellar ‘Beautiful’ with N’Dinga Gaba and Jaidene Veda???

In addition to this, let’s not forget his long term collaboration with Louie Vega that would (also) give birth to countless gems. From ‘Elements Of Life’ to ‘Brand New Day’. But also ‘Love Is On The Way’ and ‘Sunshine’ along with Raúl Midón. Then ‘Love Remains The Same’ with Luisito Quintero in 2007 on Vega Records. Or ‘Children Of The World’ to name but a very few. ‘The World Is A Family’ being the last component of their common repertoire to date…

A songwriter, producer, and keyboardist, Josh has released his long awaited ‘6.9.69’ album on his Honeycomb label in 2017. An effort out of which we welcomed ‘I Will Wait’ in our Top 10 at the time…

– In less than 10 years, Japanese producer Yutaka Takanami has established himself as a driving force to be reckoned with.
Namy – that’s his nickname – first made himself a name while spinning a large number of reception parties and huge open-air festivals. Eventually crafting music selections for Japanese airline company StarFlyer.

From then, Namy would deliver 3 self-released limited edition albums by the likes of ‘Namy, ‘Namy Purple, and ‘Namy Yellow’. The latter most likely contributing to his recognition. With thanks to some consistent airplay on domestic radio stations. Meanwhile, the early 2010 saw him jumping into the front lines of the local music scene with 3 extra albums on Play Records. This in addition to his ‘Ghibli Lounge’ compilations, the second volume of which saw the light back in 2016.

Signing with NYC label King Street back in 2011 most likely helped him developping some international notoriety. From ‘There She Stands’ along with Monday Michiru as remixed by Frankie Feliciano. To ‘From Now On’ featuring Josh Milan. Eventually sharing the duties with Stephanie Cooke, Kathy Brown and Joi Cardwell. But also with Marc Evans on ‘Reset’ with remix work courtesy of Rhemi. Not to mention a couple of jams he delivered on N’Dinga Gaba‘s Global Diplomacy label such as ‘Lift Me Away’ featuring Miwa.

N’Dinga Gaba has been on the music scene for more than two decades as a DJ, producer, musician and composer.
Hailing from Central African Republic although based in Baltimore, MD, N’Dinga has embraced a variety of musical styles over his career. He has played with several symphony orchestras and Jazz bands as a trombonist. And as a DJ, he has toured with Hip-Hop and Rock acts. And he is most likely proficient in all styles of electronic music.

Also known as The Diplomat, DJ Nuclear, and The Love House Movement, N’Dinga’s musical style is hard to define. You can find his music and remixes on many labels, such as Foliage Records, Peng Records and Sole Channel. This in addition to Code Red / Quantize Recordings and King Street. Thus standing on an impressive amount of one of a kind pieces of music as a matter of fact.

Among the first productions / mixes of his coming to mind would certainly be ‘Until You’. A firing gem that saw him sharing the bill productionwise with Code Red label head DJ Spen. With Marc Evans takin’ the centerstage vocally speakin’ on this partial interpolation of George Benson‘s ‘Love Ballad’ back in 2012.
That same year (2012) seeing him crafting extra monsterjams for the label. From his magnetic remix of the vibrant ‘Let It Be Love’ by the likes of Mark Di Meo feat. Nickson. To both ‘Rocker’ and ‘Radio Billie Stereo Ella’ for Erin Leah. Even though the firts traces of him bring us back to 2007 and the release of ‘Queen’ along with Scotty P on SOLE Channel Music with remixes courtesy of Mr V and Reelsoul.

Also in 2012, N’Dinga came to deliver another infectious rework. In other words, the blowing ‘From Now On’ by the likes of Japanese producer Namy feat. Josh Milan.

Hard to give a specific hat when speakin’ of the man, we said earlier on. Illustration with ‘Everything’ that saw him sharing the duties with producers Ross Hillard and Tom Wardle and singer Natasha Watts. This under the THR33 guise back in 2015 before receiving a remix courtesy of Louie Vega the year after. But also with ‘Beautiful Humans’ which he retouched for Boddhi Satva feat. Les Nubians in 2017. That same year seeing him reconditioning ‘Yum Yum’ for Luka feat. Sio Blackwidow which we eventually welcomed as our Single Of The Week back then.

2018 getting us to enjoy another blast of his. This under the form of the composite ‘Lifelines’ for Zo! feat. Dornik on Foliage Records.

In addition to this, N’Dinga has launched his own label – Global Diplomacy – by the end of 2014. Thus putting out extra jewels. From Namy feat. Miwa‘s ‘Lift Me Away’ to Troy Denari‘s ‘Tembaco’. Not to mention ‘Beautiful’ along with Jaidene Veda and Josh Milan, among others…

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