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New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle (Factory)

Classics: New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle (Factory)

Bizarre, some of you might think at the perspective of seeing us mentioning New Order in these shores. And, as usual, we’ll tell you you’re on Indamixworldwide. Where else?!? A platform where you might expect the unexpected any time. As just reflecting the countless moods / developments that made the story of the groove what it is as a matter of fact. And no doubt as to how the protagonists of this ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ have taken their part in it. Be they comin’ from different horizons and bringin’ some different perspective.

Besides, do you ever think a creator wonders what his music is about? Certainly not, as he/she just follows his/her idea at the end. Thus leavin’ the reviewers the last word to do their thing with ratings and eventually blah blah blah of all sorts. But music remains music at the end. And this most definitely without being a matter of color or whatsoever. As for this ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’, I guess the allusion in its title won’t be a mystery to anyone. Even though, don’t expect any sexplicit thing to be delivered in its lyrics. ll in all, this ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ being more of an astonishment if not an interrogation in regards to the complexity of its so to say running.

“Every time I see you falling, I get down on my knees and pray. I’m waiting for that final moment you say the words that I can’t say…” As many words which could be addressed to a woman from a man’s perspective. But also to another man. And who cares at the end? With Bernard Sumner‘s instantly identifiable voice takin’ us on the trip. The whole in a firing post Electro/Disco whirlwind. Itself blending New Wavish synth parts and vocoderized vocal hooks over a phonky bassline, with mixing work courtesy of Shep Pettibone.

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A native of Lower Broughton, Salford, Lancashire, Bernard Sumner first came to fame as a founding member of post-Punk band Joy Division in the second half of the 70’s. This prior givin’ birth to New Order in 1980, after the suicide of Ian Curtis.

Still in activity, although on an ever evolving line-up, New Order have released 14 albums to date. They have been a quintessential part of the memorable Manchester’s Summer of Love. This with their 1986 ‘Brotherhood’ album and its leading single – ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ – remembered as an anthem at the now defunct Hacienda.

Sumner also teamed up with former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr to form Electronic with the Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant collaborating on their eponymous debut-album back in 1989…

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