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Noelle – Everything (Original Mix)

Tennerz: Noelle – Everything (Original Mix) (Quantize Recordings)

Props are once again due to DJ Spen‘s Quantize Recordings label for coming up with some of the best one can think of. And that best comes courtesy of not only a singer, but also a writer, arranger and producer. And if ever this wasn’t enough, we’re speaking of an artist making her solo debut!

Noelle (Barbera) is no new comer though, remembered for her collaborations with Junior White. But there, she takes the centerstage. Most likely becoming our ‘Everything’ as far as the aspects of music making are concerned. Her mind blowing voice, her heartfelt lyrics… But also her vibrant arrangements enhancing the emotional content of this song… Here we have as many ingredients making of her a name to watch in the future.

Mind you, not that many artists have that ability to come up with the perfect balance at the end. But Barbera obviously has it. She just delivers what it takes where it has to. Therefore almost giving an overall impression of minimalism in her approach. As a result, no wonder why her own mix, blending lush aerial keys over a thumping bassline, definitely stands for itself.

Elsewhere, label head DJ Spen expands the feeling on his aptly titled ‘Minimal Mix’.

Unlike what too many people around tend to think, music is not a matter or overproduction. Come up with the right ingredients at the right time and space, and it will get all its dimension. Just like the memorable Bauhaus period did it as a matter of fact, while freeing the interiors of the houses from unnecessary things back by the beginning of the 20th Century.
Forget about all the cliches around. Get rid of the usual artifices around. Let at last the music speak for itself! We just need more of these. How about lettin’ us know what you think?
Download from Traxsource.

Hailing from the Big Apple, Noelle Barbera is a classically trained vocalist with more than a decade of singing both Opera and Jazz to her credit. Something one could instantly feel while hearing her singing. The lady bringing an impressive range to her powerful and unmistakable emotive vocals.
She not only has a Master of Music degree in voice. She has also been trained in violin, piano and percussion. This allowing her to eventually contribute keyboards on some of her collaborations, as with Junior White for instance.

‘Everything’ which marks her solo debut on Quantize Recordings, perfectly displays what she is about, as a performer, writer and producer…

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