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Nomad Foundation – When A Love Walked In

Lost but not least! Nomad Foundation – When A Love Walked In (New World Records)

Nomad Foundation… What I’ve always loved about music is the fact that discovery seem to have no limit. And this, pretty much regardless the period as a matter of fact. Actually, I still clearly remember stumblin’ upon this piece of music the first time I ever got to hear it. This when my adoptive daughter put it to my attention back in Autumn 2009. All in all getting me to instantly think of Joe Claussell because of its incredible deepness and atmospherism. Thus seeing the image of him twisting the knobs behind his console.

I later on would learn it was a Japanese production though. Eventually credited (besides by mistake) to Studio Apartment. With the latter includin’ it on the first volume of their ‘Hotel Screen’ compilation. Although produced in reality by Kazumi Tezuka and Yukiyasu Wada together as Nomad Foundation back in 2007.

An unsung treasure for those into music with soul and feelings as a matter of fact. As a result, no wonder why I hardly understand as to how it ended up appearing as the B-Side of ‘Circulation’. But as we all know, God has always been workin’ in mysterious ways at the end…

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

Better putting the things like this. If ever typin’ Nomad Foundation on Youtube you’ll see first appearing ‘When A Love Walked In’. Then another cut titled ‘Wanted To Be Someone’. Although I couldn’t confirm we’re speakin’ of the same Nomad Foundation as a matter of fact. First because these two cuts are so different. Then because, there’s not even a mention of ‘Wanted To Be Someone’ on Discogs. With Nomad Foundation only appearing there with two singles at the end. In other words, ‘Circulation’ backed with ‘When A Love Walked In’. Then ‘Natural Language’ along with Gringo, both on Japanese label New World Records.

Now if ever diggin’ deeper in the credits, we can see as to how the protagonists of Nomad Foundation have nothing of newcomers as a matter of fact. With the first traces of Kazumi Tezuka bringing us back to 1979. And, by that, some engineering work on Kuniko Fukushima‘s ‘I’m Ready’ album. The first in a consistant series of projects he has worked on. Thus bringin’ him to collaborate with artists such as Benny Goodman, Archie Shepp Quartet and many others most likely showing his interest in Jazz. With Tezuka eventually left in charge of the lacquer cut of Studio Apartment‘s ‘Beautiful Day’ back in 2004. Then of the cutting of the Extended Mix Instrumental of Studio Apartment feat. Blaze‘s ‘The Rising Sun’ two years after. But also Hideo Kobayashi‘s ‘Made In Japan’ in 2010 to name a few.
2018 seeing him working along with artists and groups such as Happy End, Motohiko Hamase and Wonder City Orchestra.

Nomad Foundation‘s other half, Yukiyasu Wada, started his professional activities by the middle of the 90’s. Thus acting as a second engineer on Kohki Okada‘s ‘Hip88’ album back in 1996.
He eventually did the mixing work of Studio Apartment feat. Monique Bingham‘s ‘Flight’. This while sharing the duties with Masato Watanabe back in 2004. And, by that, opened a series of regular collaborations with Studio Apartment. From ‘Love Is The Answer’ featuring Joi Cardwell. To the vibrant ‘We Are Lonely’ featuring Terrance Downs with remix courtesy of Quentin Harris. His connection with King Street via Studio Apartment gettin’ him to eventually do some mixing work for Ronald Clark as well. This in addition to his transient collaboration with Kazumi Tekuda givin’ birth to Nomad Foundation’s stellar ‘When Love Walked In’ back in 2007.

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