Tue. Sep. 28, 2021

On hold for more… Back at you soon!

On hold for more. Back at you soon!
Here we go, once again, slowly but surely makin’ ourselves ready to celebrate the Christmas period. Meanwhile putting our respective activities on hold. IDMW won’t make exception, which doesn’t mean we’ll go for fishing for the occasion though…

On hold for moreFollowing our migration process from a platform to another last Summer, we’ll mainly focus on some maintenance work in the meantime. Which means reformatting a bunch of old posts. Cleaning up our data base. Working on some extra facilities to make your experience on these shores better. And hopefully get our platform more dynamic and interactive.

Your pleasure has never ceased being our main concern since day #1. This meaning coming up with what we think to be the best. Bring it in the nicest way as possible visually speaking. But also ensuring it will get the biggest impact. Be it on the search engines as on the major social networks, not to mention the mobile devices.

So many things to deal with as a matter of fact. And therefore, as many requiring the right programming. Even though we still have bits and bops to be sorted out here or there. With these most likely to be updated during the coming days.

On hold for more, although we won’t leave you totally alone for the time being. This with the delivery of our Monthly Top 10 on Traxsource, as the one of our 10 essential 2016 tracks among a few extra things.

2016 has been a transitional year for us. Be assured we’ll work on 2017 to be the one of the expansion. With thanks to the settings of new facilities destined to make us go further. And therefore to give the music we both love an always better exposure.

On hold for more, and definitely back at you soon in full effect. As for now, we would like to address our renewed congrats to those who’ve blessed our hearts and souls with quality music: they know who they are and we do too! But also warmly thank the growing amount of those of you who’ve added their voice to the ones of our already supporters during the last months. And, last but not least, wish you and yours a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.
With Love,

Editorials: On hold for more. Back at you soon!

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