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Pam Todd & Love Exchange – Let’s Get Together

Most Wanted! Pam Todd & Love Exchange – Let’s Get Together (Shyrlden Records)

‘Let’s Get Together’ is pretty much illustrative of a period – the 70’s – which affirmed a real quest for freedom. Beginning with the one to hang on with whoever you want. Disco appearing as the right tool to express it, such as displayed in venues like David Mancuso‘s The Loft or The Paradise Garage. Therefore, no wonder why nor how Danny Krivit came to give it an extended version years after, although he didn’t get the credit for it. That same edit we’ve embedded here…

‘Let’s Get Together’ is most likely the highlight of Pam Todd & Love Exchange‘s 1977 album of the likes. Speakin’ of it, I saw a quite interesting review on Eggcityradio complaining about its phrasing. I don’t subscribe to this point of view which, to me, sounds like a first degree observation. And even more whenever referring to the identity of its producer, Greg Carmichael. A studio guru who, along with Patrick Adams and Peter Brown, has crafted some of the most after gems in the history of Disco.

I would rather consider this (weird) phrasing as a deliberate intention though. Just the way Adams did on Bumbleebee Unlimited‘s ‘Love Bug’ as a matter of fact.

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

NYC singer Pam Todd had pretty much a brief career. She first teamed up with Theresa Anderson, Cathy Boggs and Faye Cross as Love Exchange. And together, they released one album – Let’s Get Together – along with producer Greg Carmichael back in 1977. Its title cut standing as their most famous one. With Danny Krivit eventually comin’ up years after with an unofficial edit of it on Vault Records, Ltd. And Joe Claussell including its original version of his ‘ Music Is…A Reason to Celebrate’ back in 2001 on UK label Urban Theory…

Love Exchange went their way then, droppin’ a couple of single on various indie labels. Meanwhile Pam Todd released a second album – ‘Together’ with Gold Bullion Band in 1979. An album which included a re-recorded version of ‘Let’s Get Together’ with a better production work in my humble opinion.
There, they also had another minor success with the risqué ‘Baise Moi (Kiss Me)’ with mixing work by the likes of Jimmy Simpson. Its title nevertheless not meaning ‘(Kiss Me)’ but ‘(Fµ** Me)’…

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