Tue. Sep. 28, 2021

Paris Cesvette – First Hello (Remix)

Single Of The Week: Paris Cesvette & Romm 806 feat. C Robert Walker – First Hello (Luis LooweeR Rivera Encore Mix) (Jack 2 Jazz Records)

First Hello? Rather say it’s a second one, considering this is a remix. Even though it sounds as fresh as the original released 4 years ago. Although with a more energetic flow…

At the command NYC remixer Luis LooweeR Rivera in exquisite top form. As a matter of fact, it’s as if he blended a rhythmic key part inherited from Lil’ Louis‘s ‘French Kiss’ with a rhythm pattern taking influences from MAW feat. Lynae‘s ‘Life Is But A Dream’ as remixed by Frankie Feliciano.

The effect is immediate, somehow reminding as well of Inner City‘s ‘Pennies From Heaven’. In other words, deep and hypnotic. Which perfectly fits with C Robert Walker‘s vocal delivery along with Paris Cesvette‘s moody sax parts.

First Hello, or second… Who cares at the end, as long as it’s a seducing one, which is definitely the case!
Download from Traxsource.

From the British hills of Hertfordshire Paris Cesvette is a multi instrumentalist, music producer, DJ and radio host…
With serious music lovers for parents Paris‘s childhood knew nothing but musical appreciation which started from the age of 4. She began studying to read and write music the year after which led to the saxophone, keys and guitar. With her heart always sitting in the Smooth though.

While finishing school Paris worked as a session musician. She eventually went on to a music internship at a House Music record label and agency. This being what truly inspired her to Produce, DJ and develop her potential.

With a past that played in big bands to Classical orchestras, and an ever growing experience as a DJ, she found in her an ability to fuse all her experience and musical knowledge. From there, she would develop her own form of soulful House Music. That most likely brought her to tour all over South Africa and Europe. And also to run a weekly radio show on Smoothjazz.com.

Working for Smoothjazz.com not made Paris the voice of House music within the Contemporary Jazz community. Therefore showing listeners around the world how to fuse Jazz and House music.

While being called to produce for other genres, Paris would not ignore the want to push her Smooth Jazz passion in every delivery. This is what led to her working with the likes of Omar Lyefook, Junior Giscombe, Leee John, or Noel McKoy. And Remixing for C Robert Walker, Kim Waters and Najee just to name a few. Eventually dropping realeases on labels such as Expansion, Soul Heaven, and Reel People Music among others.

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