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Paul Rutherford – Oh World (12″ Extended Mix)

Lost but not least! Paul Rutherford – Oh World (12″ Extended Mix) (4th & Broadway)

To tell the truth, I hardly can believe so many years have gone since the release of this unsung masterpiece. To be more precise, 26 by the time writing these lines. “Oh world!” These lyrics remain so up to date. Standing as a Blue-Eyed Gospel manifesto actually. With former Frankie Goes To Hollywood second vocalist Paul Rutherford comin’ up with a heartfelt performance. Pretty much reminding of George Michael as a matter of fact. And what a production this is. With big ups to Dave Clayton and Joe Dworniak for their stellar work. Thus crafting a deep and smooth environment with lush strings and chords over one of those irresistible basslines. And makin’ of ‘Oh World’ a perfectly balanced groove in a spirit not that far from some Chic‘s productions (ie ‘Happy Man’, ‘I Want You Love’).

Strangely enough, this gem is titled ‘Oh World’, although ‘Oh Lord’ might have fitted in a better way at the end. “What we need is unity… Oh Lord, deliver us for evil. Oh Lord, deliver us from sin…”

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A Native of Liverpool, Paul Rutherford most likely had various lives. One of the most beautiful Blue-Eyed Soul voices (not that far from George Michael), the first traces of him bring us back to the late 70’s. This as the singer of Merseyside’s St Helen transient Punk band the Spitfire Boys who happened to release two singles. In other words, ‘British Refugee / Mein Kampf’ in 1977. Then ‘Funtime’ two years after.

Rutherford then joined Frankie Goes To Hollywood by the beginning of the eighties. Eventually acting as a backing if not the second vocalist of the band. This in addition to play keyboards and perform as a dancer. Together with producer Trevor Horn, FGTH went to a rare fame. Thus delivering an impressive series of classics. From ‘Relax’ to ‘The Power Of Love’. But also ‘Two Tribes’ and ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’ among others.

1986 most likely marked the beginning of the end for FGTH who’d both slightly changed their sound and had become less flamboyant. This resulting in declining sales of their singles at the time (ie ‘Warriors Of The Wasteland’ and ‘Watching The Wildlife’. Then soon after tensions that started to grow between lead singer Holly Johnson and some of the other members of the band.

By 1987, Johnson left to pursue a solo career. Then so did Rutherford soon after. His solo career limiting itself to one album – the 1989 released ‘Oh World’ – and three singles. Beginning with its vibrant uplifting title track co-produced by Joe Dworniak and Dave Clayton standing among our all time favs. But also a cover version of Chic‘s classic ‘I Want Your Love’.

Rutherford rejoined a party reformed FGTH between 2004 and 2007. Then, in 2010, he released ‘The Cowboy Years’, a digital 8 track album under the Butt Cowboy guise.

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