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Pike – Good Feelings (Penke Records Inc.)

Most Wanted! Pike – Good Feelings (Penke Records Inc.)

Good Feelings… That’s instantly what we get when havin’ a listen to this appealing jam. With its infectious rhythmic/slappin’ bassline somehow reminding of Ramona Brooks ‘I Don’t Want You Back’. Not to mention (of course!) Chic‘s ‘Good Times’.

A massive production by the likes of Wesley Mc Kinley Hall, Jr. himself renowned for his featuring (as lead guitar/singer) on B.T. Express ‘1980’ album. ‘Good Feelings’ serves as the ideal environment for lead singer Barry Gunn‘s catchy performance.

It didn’t get the recognition it truly deserved at the time though. Just like the vast majority of those unusng jewels that saw the light on indie labels, as a matter of fact.
Strangely enough, Prices ranging from US$ 250 to US$900 placed Pike‘s ‘Good Feelings’ as one of the most sought after gems on the second hand market. Record chasers obviously didn’t want to pass on it this time, paying it justice some 25 years later. Better late than never, even though the money didn’t get in the pockets of its creators…

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

The creation of Wesley Mc Kinley Hall, Jr., Pike only released 2 singles including ‘Jump Up’ along with the aforementioned on WDC-based transient label Penke Records.

Hall, Jr. is best remembered for his contribution as a guitarist and singer with Jeff Lane‘s band B.T. Express on their ‘1980’ album. He eventually wrote the memorable ‘Does It Feel Good To Me’. And he also co-wrote ‘Stretch’ (from their ‘Greatest Hits’ album) with Emmett Lee Walker III.

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