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Playin’ 4 The City – My Heart Belongs To Daddy

Lost but not least! Playin’ 4 The City feat. Nicole Graham – My Heart Belongs To Daddy (Straight Up Recordings)

‘My Heart Belongs To Daddy…’ OMG, so many references comin’ to mind at the same time! Hard to not think of Marilyn Monroe‘s memorable performance of this song in the 1960 musical ‘Let’s Make Love’. Even though the Jazz connoisseurs will tell you that ‘My Heart Belongs To Daddy’ is a Jazz classic which Cole Porter wrote back in 1938 for the musical ‘Leave It to Me!’ with vocal performance courtesy of Mary Martin.

So why this reference of Marilyn? Of course, both versions are way different from each other. But the sultriness of the latter as of Nicole Graham is undeniable. With the latter, whom you might remember for sharing the bill with Llorca on the Bossa jazzy ‘Indigo Blues’, delivering a rare sensibility in her performance. Thus heavily contributing to make of this cover version an absolute masterpiece. With thanks to Olivier Portal aka Playin’ 4 The City‘s one of a kind stellar arrangements…

In other words, a pretty much worth the check timeless masterpiece…

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

– A native of Florida Nicole Graham wrote most of her story in France as a matter of fact. From working in Parisian cabarets to collaborations with activists of the local scene. Thus displaying a vocal ability and a versatility which allowed her to embrace different styles with a unique feel. Such as on the memorable Bossa jazzy ‘Indigo Blues’ by the likes of Llorca back in 2001 for instance. But also with Catalan FC & Sven Love on ‘Private Number’ two years before. Or with Alexkid on ‘On My Mind’ for Josh Wink‘s Ovum Recordings label. Not to mention her cover version of Cole Porter‘s ‘My Heart Belongs To Daddy’ along with Playin’ For The City back in 2000.
Quite surprisingly, she progressively disappeared from the radars after 2002.

Betino Errera, one of the last Mohicans in Paris, has been keeping the vinyl alive. This with his record shop – Betino’s – a must-go place in the French capital. But also his own label, Straight Up Recordings. An imprint remembered for havin’ welcomed some of the most talented DJ’s/producers in the Deep House Parisian scene by the end of the 90’s. From Sundance (Franck Roger & Jayrôme Battistelli) to Next Evidence. Not to mention Playin’ For The City among others.

Unsurprisingly, Playin’ 4 The City stands as a guise. The one of a multifaceted musician Olivier Portal. Himself the son of renowned French composer, saxophonist, and clarinetist Michel Portal. The first traces of him bringin’ us back to 1996 and the release of his ‘First EP’ on Straight Up. The first in a impressive series for the label. Thus seeing him embodying a certain idea of so to say jazzy deepness. Itself eventually bringin’ him to deliver a one off by the likes of ‘The Chase’ for Chicagoan label Music 101 back in 2003. But also deliverin’ an outstanding cover version of Cole Porter‘s Jazz classic ‘My Heart Belongs To Daddy’ along with Nicole Graham.

Strangely enough, P4TC would sort of remain on hold for 10 years, between 2004 and 2014. Eventually returning with the ‘Playin’ EP’ for Plastik People Recordings then ‘Backfire EP’ the year after. With his latest release – ‘Mighty EP’ – dating from 2017 on Mamie’s Records.

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