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Portia Monique: Portia Monique (Album Preview)

Portia Monique‘Do Better’ seems like Portia Monique‘s motto along with time. From her early years when she was performing in front of a mirror. To the awaited release of her eponymous debut-album by the end of next month. An album that sees her teaming up with Reel People. A production team which we highly consider as among the purveyors of some of the finest grooves over these last years in the U.K.

Progression happened like a natural process for the young lady whose voice sounds like some unpolished diamond. Reminding the impression left by those of Julie Dexter or Lizz Fields. Although, and like for many, church would be like a required reading chapter for Portia when she was a kid, she didn’t feel the need for musical studies, as she confesses. Letting her natural skills expressing themselves from an experience to another. Just the way she would do in regards to capture every idea that graced her mind along with time.

From then, no wonder why nor how she would craft and build her music network soon after arriving in Houston, TX (by the age of 16). Meanwhile collaborating with local producers and rappers. Then eventually catching the attention of people such Seattle, WA based-producer Illoquint (prior to relocate there). But also R&B mogul Rodney Jerkins or Kyle West to name but a few. A growing background that would be for much on her versatility. Therefore expressing herself on a whole bunch of different environments, such as her upcoming album demonstrates it…

A definitive Soul stylist, Portia Monique came to meet Reel People mastermind Oli Lazarus back in 2011. With the rest, as people generally say, being history. From the fusion of her singing skills. To the high musicianship standard developed by the later and his partners in crime…

‘Tell Me Now’, ‘Ecstasy’, ‘Colours Of Love’ and the emblematic ‘Do Better’… As many cuts which added much to her growing fame as the one of labelmates The Layabouts. Therefore sounding like as many teasers for more to come. With the good news being that the time has now arrived for this to come. From her recent collaboration – ‘Free (Is All I Wanna Be)’ – with Ralf GUM as the opener to his soon to be worldwide released ‘In My City’ album to her awaited debut album due for release in a couple of weeks…

“It’s a fusion of goodness”, she enthuses. “The record draws on many of my life experiences, and that’s what makes music real”. Admitting she knew nothing about House Music before starting to work with Lazarus and The Layabouts. “It’s a different, exciting sound. But ultimately music is music. And my sound is my sound. It cuts across everything I do. That comes across on the album despite its mix of different sounds.” An album that sees Portia Monique evolving in a Modern Groove environment. Ranging from Soul/Jazz (‘Cloud IX’) to Jazz/Funk (‘Ecstasy’ and the outstanding ‘Ain’t Scared Of You’ in a Broken Beat vein). But also R&B in the finest way (‘Smile’) while showcasing that British typical live feel makin’ it above the rest in the genre. ‘Grace’ being another illustration as to what the (necessary) blend can bring. While fusing elegant Gospel piano progressions with Latin Jazz drum shuffles!

Portia Monique – Album – (Reel People Music) out on Oct. 27, 2014

Download from Traxsource.

Spotlight: Portia Monique

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