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Prince passed, aged fifty-seven!

The announce of Prince‘s death a couple of hours ago has taken the whole world by storm. An announce which first started with the discovery of the body of an unidentified person at his home in Minnesota. Then soon after the confirmation of its identity, itself forwarded by his representative, Yvette Noel-Schure

Prince (Purple Rain)Prince, as unbelievable as it may seem, is unfortunately no longer with us. And even though the exact circumstances of his passing are currently under investigation, chances are great that the reasons of his passing are the result of an aggravation of his health condition. This further to an emergency landing in Illinois last Friday (Apr. 15, 2016) after a concert in Atlanta, GA. At the time, it was reported that Prince had the flu and had been rushed to a hospital in the middle of the night. This before being discharged a few hours later. With Noel-Schure soon after saying “He is fine and at home.”

Doubts are permitted though about the nature of what happened to be Prince’s health trouble. This while referring to TMZ’s article explaining he hit up a local pharmacy (his 4th visit this week) a few hours before he died. With oretty much indicating his health was far worse than the simple flu.

Kinda hard resuming the life and the legacy of the man. An artist who expressed his creativity in so many different ways… As a musician, a singer, a songwriter, a band leader, an arranger, a producer. But also a mentor who helped so many other artists to get under the spotlights. This in addition to being an actor and a film director…

His music was nothing but the result of a per definition versatile temper who combined R&B, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop and Disco, with elements of Jazz, Rock and Pop. This miles away from Michael Jackson‘s polished sounds. Although with a comparable talent and impact. A man to also be considered as a descendent of Jimi Hendrix. Somehow like Lenny Kravitz with whom he happened to perform on stage.
A man much responsible for the recognition of the Minneapolis sound, along with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. But also Morris Day, Jellybean Johnson, Monte Moir, Jesse Johnson and Jerome Benton together united as The Time which he managed to get a record deal with Warner Bros.

Prince was definitely an artist on his own. Although he had a real inclination for getting talents jamming together. Such as his other band, The Revolution, featuring Bobby Z, Wendy & Lisa and André Cymone among others. And he obviously loved producing. Thus bringin’ artists like Vanity 6 then Appolonia 6 but also Sheila E, The Family, The NPG or Mazarati to the forefront.

Versatile he was musicwise. And the same he happened to be in terms of lyrics. Even though tending to deal with prominently sexual themes. As vocally speaking, with thanks to a wide vocal range. This resulting in an impressive series of one of a kind pieces of music. From ‘Purple Rain’, ‘Sign O The Times’ and ‘Let’s Go Crazy’. To ‘U Got The Look’, ‘Kiss’ and ‘If I Was Your Girlfriend’ to name but a very few…

By the time writing these lines, I can’t help myself remembering the first time I crossed his path. This was like a total surprise, as it happened incidentally more than 35 years ago. This soon after the release of his eponymous album (featuring gems such as ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ and ‘Sexy Dancer’), in a Parisian record shop while standing next to each other chasing some new tunes.
Incredible as to how time flies at the end. And another reason to never miss an opportunity to pay our props to the ones we love when they’re alive…

Gone too soon: Prince

Indamixworldwide would like to address their deepest condolences to Prince‘s family and friends…

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