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Quentin Harris sharing the Xperience…

Quentin HarrisWe all know how there’s a crucial need of identification for House Music. Is the fact of sein’ it blended with R&B – the way you did for Jill Scott, Jesse Powell or Lathun – a potential key for the future with the R&B fans brought to “your” world? Or would this have to be taken as a will from the R&B scene for some more danceable form the way it was 30 years ago?
“Things are going to change one day or another, as everything goes into circles. Destiny’s Child ‘Loose My Breath’ is 119 bpm for instance. But to get the R&B/Hip-Hop world into House Music means that there has to be more artist albums. And also things that people under the age of 30 can identify themselves with.”

In the mean time, the space given to House Music radio shows has drastically been reduced along with time. Your reaction?
“This is not a good thing, but what can we do? A radio station like WBLS for instance is a business and changing their programs is something that they feel that they sometimes need to do. We can’t change what we have no control over. The mix shows are a great thing for the scene, but if the listener doesn’t know the titles of the songs or where to get them, this can be a troublesome problem…”

Would it have anything to do with politics at the end of the day?
“I don’t know. There are always politics in this business. We can’t seem to be getting away from them.”

I remember Glenn Underground telling me: “We (the Blacks) lose site of things. We procreate and then the other people watching in hiding steal our shit and lose site of the true meaning and then close us out…
“The only thing I can say about that is that all music is related and people are gonna think what they wanna think. But at the end of the day, if you can touch one person with your music or whatever, then you have done your job. Therefore,  you shouldn’t have to worry about the other stuff. It will all come in time…”

Miami seems like a blatant illustration to this, don’t you think?
“Well I’d say yes and no to that one. People are gonna get in where they fit in. I remember saying in another interview that should the DJ’s take a little more risk, then everyone would come together a little bit more. I try to keep an open mind about music. It’s the way that makes me grow…”

Chosen few
Coast 2 Coast ‎(NRK Sound Division) – Quentin Harris
Mix The Vibe (Timeless Re-Collection) (King Street Sounds – Quentin Harris
Southport Weekender Volume3 (SuSU) – Dimitri From Paris / Jazzie B / Quentin Harris
No Politics (Canyon International / Strictly Rhythm) – Quentin Harris
Sac•ri•fice (Strictly Rhythm) – Quentin Harris

Interview – Quentin Harris

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