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Rahnda Rize – This Ain’t Love (Original Mix)

First Listen: Rahnda Rize – This Ain’t Love (Original Mix) (Steal Vybe)

Set yourself free and move forward, believing in yourself. ‘This Ain’t Love’ is without a single doubt a message of self encouragement… An uplifting song with a real energy. Something one can instantly feel at first listen. From its vocal performance to its arrangements.

New comer Rahnda Rize shows off the power of divas such as Chaka Khan and definitely looks like a name to watch in the near future. Meanwhile producer Damon Bennett (one half of Steal Vybe) comes up with the right ingredients. The roughness of his original mix perfectly fitting with the context of this song and the lady’s voice.

No need saying how this is therefore big love from us on this. Rize to the top? Sure thang!
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– Mr. Dizzy Fingers is a nickname that speaks for itself as far as Damon Bennett is concerned. Although not only is he a keyboardist, but also a flute player, composer and producer.
Hailing from Philadelphia has certainly been for much in the versatility he has expressed in his work. With the list of the luminaries he’s been collaborating with including Jay Z, Lizz Fields and Maysa. But also Kindred The Family Soul, Common and Christina Aguilera among others.

Quoting Thelonious Monk, Herbie Hancock, RZA and E,W&F as some of his major influences, he’s most likely geared towards Neo Soul, Jazz and R&B. But not only. As demonstrates his long time partnership with Chris ‘Cee Rule’ Foreman as one half of production pair Steal Vybe.

“Power. Passion. Soul” As many words pretty much describing what Rahnda Rize is about. Her name perfectly represents of her cultural, artistic and spiritual heritage. Rize stands for ascension and elevation. Meanwhile Rahnda in Kiswahili means to come forth, to dance and to show off…

This Philadelphia, PA native has been showing off her talents almost since inception. Hailing from the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection, the birthplace of Neo Soul and the city that gave America the Sound of Philadelphia, she embodies the soul of the city to the fullest.

In addition to being a multidisciplinary performing artist, she is an Activist, Youth Advocate and Mentor. Not only has she emerged as one of Philly’s up and coming Soul music artists. She is a songwriter, poet, trained dancer and actress. Dedicated to bringing depth and integrity to the stage, she has displayed her dynamic artistry all over the city of Philadelphia and beyond.

From an early age Rahnda has deeply immersed herself in the arts and knew early that it would be her life’s calling. For such a young person she had strength in her voice, movement and personality that has carried with her to the present day. Her love of dance sparked it all off for her. Dancing ignited her soul and made her fall in love with the stage. At the age of seven she was attending dancing school training in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, African and Modern Dance. It was not long after that she realized she also had a voice.

This certainly came as no surprise to her mother because music is deeply rooted in the family. Her grandmother was a vocalist who sang with Philadelphia Gospel singers of her time. And her aunts and uncles sang everything from Gospel to Jazz. They were members of The Paige Gospel Singers as well as their own group, The Holman Gospel Singers. So it was inevitable that the gift of music and passion for singing would find some further echo.

She started dabbling in songwriting and poetry in high school. When she realized she had a knack for putting lyrics, melodies together her penmanship began to grow. During this time she evolved along with several area aspiring singing groups. She nevertheless realized that going solo is what she wanted to do and she began to dive into making music of her own.
During her college years Rahnda started developing her stage presence and honing her many talents in dance, theatre and music. She attended Temple University in Philadelphia. It was there that she would begin to explore and find herself as an artist.

Philadelphia is one of the music capitals of the world, and has always had the reputation of a city that produces great Soul singers. Like the ones before her, Rahnda is carrying on that tradition. Her voice moves the soul, reminding both the Funk of Chaka, the Gospel of Aretha & the R&B and Hip-Hop of Mary.

In one of her personal quotes she describes herself as a “Soul Siren shaping sound. Defining rhythm w/a touch of blues. Melodies in all hues. New. Timeless. Classic. In bloom.”

This Soul Sista is on her way to making her mark with an undeniable voice and a fierce pen! Ready to take flight, she is definitely blooming, blossoming and on the rise.
‘This Ain’t Love’ is just an appetizer as to what she’s about. Watch this space…

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