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Real Deep – You Got This (DJ Spinna Remix)

Single Of The Week: Real Deep feat. Jaidene Veda & MdCL – You Got This (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Mix) (Papa Records)

We welcomed the initial release of Real Deep‘s ‘You Got This’ as our Single Of The Week last July. And we pretty much do the same today with this rework courtesy of DJ Spinna. Itself carrying all the ingredients which have built the ever growing reputation of his Galactic Soul Mixes along with time.

His secret? Well, an obvious natural elegance allowing him to get whatever he touches to the next level in a unique style. This in addition to Jaidene Veda‘s crystal clear performance.
Another one of a kind bliss: what else?!? You got this? Well, Real Deep most definitely have, once again…

Download from Traxsource.

– Hailing from Liverpool, Marco Tilley turned himself into a Londoner when his family relocated to Ladbroke Grove by the early 80’s. There, he got exposed to a myriad of different sounds, eventually collecting records at an early age. From Electro to Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz/Funk through to the House era. With DJing coming up as a natural progression for him.

Tilley made his classes as in-house remixer for Peter Harris‘ Slip’N’Slide label by the end of the nineties. Then he dropped his first release under the Real Deep moniker back in 2002. This by the likes of ‘Seven’ on Azuli Records. And he remixed ‘Nu-Life’ for Karu that same year. Then ‘Elevate Your Mind’ for Trevor Loveys on Freerange Records back in 2003.

Strangely enough, the following traces of him would bring us to some five years later. This while sharing the bill with Stephanie Cooke on ‘More’ for Consortium Muzik. Another five years on and he resurfaced along with Jaidene Veda and Mark de Clive-Lowe on ‘You Got This’ (Papa Records). A cut which DJ Spinna reworked as a part of a remix pack released a few weeks after. Then Real Deep would eventually remix ‘You And Me A Melody’ for Nteeze & Andy featuring Jaidene Veda on Vibe Boutique the following year. This in addition to ‘Beautiful’ for N’Dinga Gaba, Jaidene Veda and Josh Milan on Gaba‘s Global Diplomacy imprint.

– A quick look at Spinna‘s biography on Wikipedia unfortunately shows a blatant lack of knowledge by the likes of its writer. The latter rating him as a Hip-Hop producer from Brooklyn. Obviously neglecting by that our brother’s impressive contribution to other genres such as R&B and/or House Music…

Just like Kenny Dope, Spinna has an impressive Hip-Hop background. But he’s first and foremost a New Yorker. Meaning by that that he kept an ear open to everything. And I would tend to think everything as long as it was groovy. This explaining why and how he came to embrace different genres, as a producer but also a remixer. With his impressive legacy pretty much speakin’ for itself as a matter of fact.

The Hip-Hop crowd will most likely remember him for his contribution as a member of The Jigmastas. If not for his remix of ‘Stakes Is High’ for De La Soulby the seond half of the 90’s. Meanwhile those who happen to have both their feet into House Music should have Shaun Escoffery‘s 2001 ‘Days Like This’ first comin’ to their mind while thinkin’ of him.

To be honest, I’ve always found kinda difficult to put a name on Spinna‘s works, unless speakin’ of a classy and updated version of R&B or Soul Music with a groove if not Dance Music edge. Unsurprisingly, he gave an infectious Hip-Hop feel to Cooly’s Hot Box‘s ‘Make Me Happy’ that same year. Then he came to share the bill with Tortured Soul on the classic ‘Fall In Love’ back in 2002.
2003 seeing him givin’ a smooth swingin’ feel to Donnie‘s ‘memorable ‘Cloud 9’, but also reworking ‘You’ for Soulstation on West End Records. With Goapele‘s ‘Closer’, Tamia‘s ‘Still’ and Elements Of Life‘s ‘Better Day’ standing as his 2004’s highlights in addition to Alison Crockett‘s ‘Crossroads’.

Another year on and Spinna would cross the path of Roy Ayers while retouching ‘Holiday’. This before doin’ the same two years later on ‘Electric Vibes’. A masterpiece courtesy of Down To The Bone featuring Roy Ayers. Meanwhile, he would get back with Tortured Soul while remixing ‘Always In Heaven When I’m With You’ back in 2006. Then ‘Why’ in 2007 and ‘Dirty’ in 2013.

Launching his Wonderwax label back in 2003, he shared the bill with Rich Medina on the spoken words led ‘Reality’. Eventually producing the stellar ‘Unconditional Love” for Selan the year after. Then welcoming Gordon Chambers with ‘Never Fall In Love’ in 2007. And he also happened to craft the soothing ‘You Should Be Loving Me’ with Ovasoul7 in 2008. This before producing ‘In My Fantasy’ for Tortured Soul a few months later.

More recently, he infectiously boosted Neal Conway and Dana Weaver‘s ‘Fading Away’. But also ‘You Got This’ for Real Deep with the sultry Jaidene Veda and MdCL. Then we welcomed his rework of Hallex M featuring Darien‘s ‘Feeling’ as our Single Of The Week at the time. This in addition to LeMel Humes‘Ain’t Nobody Like You’ which received the same treatment from us a few weeks later. Not to mention The Foreign Exchange‘s ‘Body’ which got into our Top 10 back then.

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