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ReSurface: Where Have You Been?

ReSurface‘Where Have You Been’… Not only the title of this new offering, but the first question coming to mind when thinking of ReSurface!
Well, no need to come out of Harvard to understand the meaning of ReSurface… In other words, there we have the amalgamation of the prefix “Re”. Itself occurring originally in loanwords from Latin, used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition. And Surface, a three-piece Soul vocal group which saw the light by the beginning of the 80’s. Thus featuring multi-instrumentalist David ‘Pic’ Conley, guitarist/songwriter David Townsend) and female singer Karen Copeland. Then, last but not least, singer/songwriter Bernard Jackson who eventually replaced her after a 2 year hiatus.

ReSurface… What a more clever name, as a matter of fact! Even though needing a bit of clarification for a better understanding. And therefore havin’ us responding to the initial question at the end…

Surface made their debut back in 1983 on Salsoul Records with ‘Falling In Love’. A cut eventually given a remix courtesy of Shep Pettibone. With ‘When Your Ex Wants You Back’ following the year after.

Moving to the West Coast, Surface got a record deal with Columbia. Releasing their eponymous debut-album in 1986 featuring the memorable ‘Happy’.
A second album saw the light 2 years after by the likes of ‘2nd Wave’. An effort that spanned the hit singles ‘I Missed’, ‘Closer Than Friends’ and ‘Can We Spend Some Time’. This in addition to ‘You Are My Everything’ and ‘Shower Me With Your Love’. 1990 seeing the release of  ‘3Deep’. Probably their most vibrant offering ever featuring the classic ‘The First Time Ever’ and the outstanding ‘Give Her Your Love’.

Surface eventually disbanded in 1994 with the departures of Jackson and Townsend. Then reformed in 1998 with the release of ‘Love Zone’ which would happen to be their last effort together. Townsend sadly passing of unknown causes on Oct. 26, 2005 at the age of 50…

10 years have gone since. But the high musicality which had been for much on Surface‘s signature is still around on ‘Where Have You Been’. An effort born from the collaboration between original band member David ‘Pic’ Conley’ and singer John Feva whose main influences – something one can definitely feel – range from Michael Jackson to El DeBarge

“Because of my past music, I still wanted to keep things pretty much close to the Surface in doing this record. So that’s kind of what you should be expecting… Not a lot is new under the sun. But I just took the old and blended it with the new to bring you what we have”, explained Conley.

‘Where Have You Been’ pretty much illustrates where ReSurface are. Rising from the ashes like the phoenix and therefore definitely deserving a careful check by those of us in search of 5 star quality music. As to one can definitely find for instance on the stunning ‘You Got What I Want’…

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