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Robert Palmer – You Are In My System

Classics: Robert Palmer – You Are In My System (Island)

One of the countless illustrations of Robert Palmer‘s versatility… The British singer taking on where The System left with his cover version of their 1982 classic ‘You Are In My System’.

Nothing of an evidence though… As covering a song is one thing, meanwhile bringing something, if not doing better, is most likely another one! A challenge which Palmer definitely achieved, while bringing a new energy to the song, although remaining true to its original spirit. With extra props to the attention of French sound engineer Dominique Blanc-Francart for his brilliant remixing work.

– Gifted with a unique distinctive voice, British singer Robert Palmer embraced many different styles, from Jazz, to Rock and Soul. It took him quite some time to establish himself a status though.
Recognition therefore came in 1978 with the release of ‘Double Fun’. An album in a Caribbean-influenced Rock vein most likely remembered for including the Andy Fraser penned ‘Every Kinda People’. But also the Reggaeish ‘Best Of Both World’ and the smooth and soulful You Overwhelm Me’. A cut which Simon ‘The Funky Ginger’ Law and Lee Hamblin beautifully remixed 14 years later…

A year later, and Palmer would be rocking with his cover version of Moon Martin‘s ‘Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor Doctor)’. Another one, and he would go Pop with the friendly ‘Johnny And Mary’. The album ‘Pride’ featuring ‘You Are In My System’ followed back in 1983, although generating mixed reviews.

One the heels of his first recordings as a member of Power Station, Palmer released his ‘Riptide’ album in 1985. An LP which featured another cover version by the likes of ‘I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On’ which Cherrelle originally performed the year before.

Palmer kept on experimenting, flirting this time with Bossa Nova on his 1988 ‘Heavy Nova’ album and most likely ‘Simply Irresistible’ which happened to be his final hit.

Robert Palmer sadly died in a Paris hotel room from a cardiac arrest on Sept. 26, 2003. He was 54…

– Vocalist / guitarist / songwriter Mic Murphy and keyboardist / songwriter David Frank joined forces to form The System in the early 80’s. Their synth-driven R&B sound is often referred as Electro-Soul. They recorded their first song, ‘It’s Passion’ while touring along with Kleeer back in 1981. Their debut-album – ‘Sweat’ followed the year after. It featured the memorable ‘You Are In My System’, later on covered by Robert Palmer.

Further success occured in 1985 with the release of their third album, ‘The Pleasure Seekers’. Its title track appeared in the season-two premiere episode of famous NBC cop TV show ‘Miami Vice’. Other worth the check gems include the outstanding ‘This Is For You’ and ‘It Takes Two’.
Murphy and Frank also collaborated with Jeff Lorber on his ‘Step By Step’ album the same year.

They scored their biggest hit in 1987 with ‘Don’t Disturb The Groove’, from the album of the same name. They would part ways two years later though, after releasing their ‘Rhythm & Romance’ album which sadly flopped.

One might also remember Mic Murphy as a member of Sass.

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