Sun. Dec. 05, 2021

Rockmelons – Love’s Gonna Bring You Home (Remix)

Lost but not least! Rockmelons feat Doug Williams – Love’s Gonna Bring You Home (Remix) (white)

‘Love’s Gonna Bring You Home’… “Do you have records that you have totally forgotten about, or is it just me getting old and senile?”, asks London-based remixer Paul Blazing Encore on his Soundcloud page.
Well, quality music unvariably stands the test of time. And even more whenever given a nice retwist such as the man has done on more than 40 gems already…

He proudly admits havin’ been a Soul, Jazz and Dance Music collector for the last 4 decades. Which is something you can feel. Not only with the cuts he choose to bring his Midas Touch on. But also from the way he does it while simply managing to expand their original feel.

This is just what to expect on his reconditionning of the Rockmelons‘s ‘Love’s Gonna Bring You Home’ from their 1992 ‘Form 1 Planet’ album. A group which, among others, featured songstress Deni Hines (herself remembered for the groovy ‘It’s Alright’) and Chicago-born Doug Williams who relocated to the country back in 1979…

‘Love’s Gonna Bring You Home’… Now we’re talkin’ (smooth) music although on a freakin’ appealing rhythm pattern. Deep House? Why not. Uptempo groove? Sho’ thang!

Besides, this timeless gem would pretty much deserve some official release at the end. Dontcha think?

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