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Rudoulpho – Sunday Afternoon / Touch Me

Most Wanted! Rudoulpho – Sunday Afternoon / Touch Me (Atlantic)

The limited amount of its pressing back in 1992 combined with its soon after inclusion on ‘Underground Dance Music Vol. 1’, a compilation put together by (future Ibadan Records label head) Jerome Sydenham have obviously been for much on the establishment of this fascinatingly constructed jam as one of the most sought after references in the history of House Music.

Deep, jazzy, and percussive, with production work by the likes of Renato Pearson. It has nevertheless been rumored for some time as having been produced by JoVonn under a cameo guise. Something I couldn’t confirm though as the latter and myself have never managed to speak about the matter.

More than 10 minutes of timeless pleasure. Delivered with a bonus a vocal version titled ‘Touch Me’ on the flipside. This tending to show how the man could also sing too in style…

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

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Renato Pearson! Almost sounds like Renato Who? when doin’ deeper research. The first time his name appears brings us back to 1990, credited as the co-writer and the producer of ‘Turn And Run Away ‘Running” for… JoVonn. Meanwhile, the second time brings us to the 1998 released ‘Soundmen On Wax’ by the likes of Renato Pearson and… JoVonn. And we also have Jovonn‘s ‘Current Moov EP’ the year after, this time credited to Jovonn andRenfito Pearson!

We also find the trace of a R. Pierson this time as the co-writter and co-producer of ‘Such A Feeling’ for Young & Co in 1986. Last but not least, Pearson (on his own this time) is credited as the co-writer and producer of Ceybil‘s classic ‘Love So Special’ 5 years later.

As for Rudoulpho, there’s only one mention of him, associated to this release…

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

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