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Saison – Caught Up (Papa Records)

First Listen: Saison – Caught Up (Papa Records)

There’s a first time for everything. Such as the way we do today while welcoming Saison on these shores. The two guys united under this banner are far from being unknown though. As a matter of fact we’re speaking of Leigh Darlow (The Layabouts) together with Matthew Bandy.
Now if ever asking me as to why such a name, that I dunno. The only thing I could say is that “saison” is the French word for “season”. Meanwhile, it’s also the name of a pale ale that is generally around 7% ABV, highly carbonated, fruity, spicy, and often bottle conditioned.

From its very first handclap, make yourselves ready to get caught up. From the syncopation of its bouncing bass-driven rhythm. To its hypnotic dubbed female vocal part which they’ve blended with nagging snippets of synth. As a result, here we have more of a deep approach, although in a raw mood. Somehow in the vein of concepts developped by Kerri Chandler for instance. In other words, brewed to get you dancing!
Download from Traxsource.

Leigh Darlow and Matthew Bandy have murtured Saison from their time together at Earthworks Studios. A North London-based facility which the latter and The Layabouts made becoming their home. And, in the meantime, a location they use as a commercial studio, working with clients on various mixing, mastering and recording projects.

Both of them have a long history in House Music that dates that brings us back to over 15 years when they started putting out music. Their sound stands between the deeper and raw sides of House Music. Leigh and Matt have established an approach that incorporates influences from their early beginnings respectively in London & the Midwest.

The two have enjoyed a very productive year in 2016. They released tracks for various labels. From Large to Sonar Kollektiv and Guest House Music. Not to mention Papa Records.
Already with a busy production schedule for 2017, both are looking forward to the year ahead…

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