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Scott Grooves – So Glad (Advance Copy)

Single Of The Week: Scott Grooves feat. Al Hudson & One Way – So Glad (Advance Copy)

Naaa, you’re not dreaming. We’re in 2017, although this piece of music could pretty well have seen the light some 40 years ago. And our welcome to ‘So Glad’ would have been pretty much the same, although on some paper mag at the time, I suppose. Meaning we would only have had words to tell you about it back then. As opposed to be comin’ up with a soundclip the way we do nowadays. And chances are great we would have welcomed it as a Single Of The Week at the time…

From its very first note, you can feel the Funk infectiously comin’ out of it. And to those of you thinkin’ of Detroit as the capital of Techno, ‘So Glad’ stands as a brilliant reminder as to how the Motorcity has always had much more on offer. Being the hometown of Berry Gordy‘s Motown Records for years. But also the one of talents hailing from different horizons. From Quentin Harris to Dwele, Moodymann or Theo Parish. But also Dennis Coffey and Al Hudson & The Soul Partners, later known as One Way. This in addition to Diviniti and Pirahnahead. Not to mention the one of DJ/producer and musician Scott Grooves. The latter comin’ together as one with the P-Funk smelling ‘So Glad’, as enlightened by an insane rhythm guitar line over a rumblin bassline. And some outstanding vocal performance. Somehow in the vein of Mtume‘s 80’s lascivious joints…

The B-side, a cover of the Dramatics‘ ‘Oceans Of Thoughts And Dreams’, has been recorded live in Detroit on Jan. 02 2017 with a selection of local young musicians under their 20’s.

Reflecting on both tracks, Scott Grooves added… “It’s liberating to give the drum machine a rest and play instruments with other human beings…” (* Stampthewax).

With big ups to him for his obvious dedication to original (quality) music while putting this out as a 7inch… And so glad for havin’ received it by the post!

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– Detroit, MI native Scott Grooves first got into music back in 1988 while spinnin’ in local clubs. He delivered his first single – ‘Music Man’ – 5 years later on Soirée Records. Then his debut-album – ‘Pieces Of A Dream’ – 5 years later on Scottish label Soma Records. Sharing the duties with Parliament/Funkadelic on ‘Mothership Reconnection’. But also Roy Ayers on a cover of Lonnie Liston Smith‘s ‘Expansions’ with remixes courtesy of Joe Claussell and Ballistic Brothers.

He soon after delivered ‘Organ Knights’ along with Chris Codish on Claussell‘s Spiritual Life label. Eventually catching the attention of a New York and Japanese crowd willing for more. This getting him to launch his own label (From The Studio Of Scott Grooves). Delivering extra gems such as ‘Hott’ featuring Alton Miller. A cut backed with the jazzynfectious ‘Sax And Organ Speak’ featuring respectively Gregg Dokes and Keith Kaminski. But also the soothin’ jazzy ‘The Journey’ and the mellow and initimist ‘Bittersweet’. Then more recently, he ventured into Jazz territories, jamming on bass along with Marcus Elliott on sax and Alex White on drums on the smooth ‘If You Want Me To Stay’. With his last delivery, ‘So Glad’, seeing him teamin’ up with Al Hudson and Dave Roberson.

– From Detroit, MI, Al Hudson (vocals), Kevin McCord (Bass) and Dave Roberson (guitar) started as the nucleus of Al Hudson & The Soul Partners in the mid-70’s. Together with additional musicians, they released a couple of singles on Atco before switching to ABC Records. There, they released 3 albums between 1977 and 1979. Scoring their biggest success from this period with ‘Spread Love’ and ‘How Do You Do’ from their second one (‘Spreading Love’).

With ABC being acquired by MCA at the time, the period happened to be quite confusing. As they released their last album – ‘Happy Feet’ – as Al Hudson & The Partners on ABC. Meanwhile MCA released their eponymous debut-album as One Way featuring Al Hudson. With both of them featuring the memorable ‘You Can Do It’ and a new singer by the likes of Alicia Myers. Then, a year later, another album saw the light with the same title, featuring ‘Copy This’ and the infectious ‘Do Your Thang’.

They released its follow-up – ‘Fancy Dancer’ – the year after, simply as One Way. Delivering gems such as the P-Funk ‘Pull Fancy Dancer / Pull’. Another album – ‘Love Is… One Way’ – followed that same year without generating a substancial following. Meanwhile, Alicia Myers left to pursue a solo career that would give birth to classics such as ‘I Want To Thank You’ and ‘You Get The Best From Me (Say, Say, Say)’.

One Way scored their biggest chart entry the year after with ‘Cutie Pie’, from their ‘Who’s Foolin’ Who’ album. The intoxicating ‘Can I’ saw the light later that year (in 1982) as a part of their ‘Wild Night’ album. Meanwhile their 1983 ‘Shine On Me’ album spanned its title track and the psychedlic ‘Let’s Get Together’. Other gems worth the mention comin’up during the following years. From the vocoderized ‘Mr Groove’ to the boling ‘You Better Quit’ from their 1986 ‘One Way IX’ album that would be their last for MCA.

Switching to Capitol 2 years later, they released ‘A New Beginning’ which featured the minor hit ‘Drive Me Crazy’. A final album – ‘One Way With Alicia Myers & Friends’ – seeing the light 5 years later on indie label Back To Back Records.

Detroit DJ/producer Scott Grooves bringing both Al Hudson and Dave Roberson to our memories. This while jammin’ with them on the swingin’ P-Funk ‘So Glad’ by this beginning of Autumn 2017.

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