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Sean McCabe & Mr. V – It Can Be (East Mix)

Single Of The Week: Sean McCabe & Mr. V – It Can Be (East Mix) (Good Vibrations Music)

As always, there are two sides of a coin. Meanwhile there are two ways considering a glass, as either half empty of half full. Of course digitalization has seriously disturbed the music industry. But in the meantime, it has allowed countless of us to do things that would have been impossible, let’s say 5 to 10 years ago. This being where we find ‘It Can Be’. A smooth spoken word deep jam celebrating the good thing that the globalization process has brought. Beginning with the opportunity to collaborate from all over the world. And therefore to contribute enriching (House) Music with our respective backgrounds…

It can be on the East, it can be on the West… It could be everywhere! A spiritual thing to some, House Music has become a global thing. A fact which Mr. V pretty much encapsulates on his performance. Meanwhile Sean McCabe delivers reworks which stand as many different moods. With our preference nevertheless going for the deep and intimate East Mix…

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– Experiencing Mr. V’s (aka Victor Font) DJ sets, original productions, or remixes is like taking a trip back in time to Dance Music’s golden age…

Before superstar DJ’s took over the spotlight, Dance Music was a cultural phenomenon that did what no other form of music could do… Bring people together! It didn’t matter what race or sexual orientation you came from. Why? Because Dance Music was all about embracing our differences and creating a homogeneous vibe. The music was built heavily on traditional song structures and lot of heart and soul. DJ’s played whatever it took to get the party going and the music was never predictable. It is with this classic spirit and enthusiasm that NYC Mr. V targets today’s Dance Music world. Mr. V is a throwback in the purest sense.

Growing up in the 1980’s the open-minded Mr. V got heavily influenced by House, Hip-Hop, Latin, Garage and Disco classics, Rhythm & Blues and Jazz. Despite wanting to be a professional DJ, it wasn’t until he met Louie Vega that he found his calling. “Louie used to have his party called Underground Network. That’s where I discovered a deeper taste for House music. I always wanted to be a DJ. And Louie’s type of music – that whole soulful sound – is what I wanted to play…”

Louie Vega saw the drive and potential in Mr. V and hired him as his assistant at his Masters At Work label. In this position Mr. V was given a rare glimpse into the global dance scene and before long was taking to the decks alongside his mentor.

In addition to his busy DJ schedule Mr. V has also made quite a name for himself as a producer. In 2001, along with Alix Alvarez, Mr. V launched his Sole Channel Music label. An opportunity to release music with complete control and artistic freedom. Standing among their most famous cuts, ‘Somethin’ Wit Jazz’ which got released back in 2005 as the opening cut to Mr. V‘s ‘The Dance Ritual Project’ clearly embodies what the man is about.
Combining his multifaceted skills as a DJ/producer/remixer, and with an ear towards Dance Music’s roots, Mr. V is definitely a name to watch out for!

Sean McCabe lives in a city – Bristol – where the sound has always had a meaning. Whatever the genre may be at the end. And God knows how the man has set up a clear identity wherever he might have put his hands.

Born in 1985, McCabe saw the light along with House Music. And, by that, belongs to the second generation of actors in that scene. Although givin’ a listen to his already quite consistent repertoire makes you realize it’s way more than that. That ‘that’ bringin’ us to McCabe‘s signature itself. Made of a blend of Soul, Funk and atmospheric vibes over some blowin’ groove where the infectiousness most likely prevails.

Therefore, no wonder why Sean has become a regular on these shores. With his own productions as with his remixes. Thus bringin’ us to welcome many of them as our ‘Single Of The Week’.

McCabe crafted his first production by the age of 17. This under the Southern Divide back in 2003 with the Latinesque ‘Ate O Amanhecer (Until The Dawn)’ in 2003. And even from then you could realize that he had the style. With this eventually gettin’ him to bring 11am‘s ‘Give It Up’ to a stellar dimension soon after for Soulfulric Deep, then to remix ‘Resist’ for Roland Clark on Fluential.

2008 marked the start of what would be a regular collaboration with King Street. This with his remix of Dennis Ferrer‘s ‘Run Free’. But also his rework of ‘Take Me’ for Soulstar Syndicate feat. Dawn Tallman. Then how to not think of his revamps of Blaze presents UDAUFL? From ‘Wonderful Place’ featuring Ultra Naté to ‘We Are One’… Or of the blowin’ ‘Pick It Up’ for Carolyn Harding to name but a few.

With his sound establishing itself as a signature if not an evidence from a release to another. Beginning with his firing rework of ‘God Created Woman’ for Teddy Douglas and Margaret Grace (Save Your Soul). But also his retouch of ‘All This Love That I’m Givin’ for Belezamusica back in 2010 (Soul Love). And ‘Race Of Survival’ for Mekkah feat. Stephen Granville for the same label the year after. This in addition to Nova Fronteira‘s cover version of Roy Ayers‘ ‘Everybody Loves The Sunshine’ here again for the Soul Love label in 2012. Eventually bringin’ ‘Passin Thru’ for Poussez VS Demarkus Lewis into another dimension during the same year. But also turnin’ Nathan Adams‘ ‘I Wonder’ into like a Summer breeze in 2013.

Another year on – (2014) – and McCabe delivered his debut-album – ‘It’s Time’ – on Joey Negro‘s Z Records label. An effort featuring goodies such as ‘Tomorrow’s Another Day’ along with Donae’O and ‘Reach Out’ featuring Hannah Khemoh of the HanLei fame. Not to mention the aptly titled ‘Everything’s Alright’ as fronted by Erik Dillard. Or the aerial ‘Who’s Foolin’ You’ along with the late Diane Charlemagne.

Another two years this time – (2016) – and McCabe would launch his own imprint. This by the likes of Good Vibrations Music, opening his account along with Mike City on the vibrant ‘I Know Someone’. Then joinin’ forces with HanLei on ‘How Does It Feel’. But also co-writing with Lem Springsteen (Mood II Swing) the heartfelt ‘New World’ featuring Pete Simpson. And sharing the bill with Mr. V on ‘It Can Be’. Then doin’ the same with Cinnamon Brown on the infectiously syncopating ‘It’s My Life’. And tailoring the soothing ‘I Wonder’ featuring Nathan Adams with additional remix courtesy of Louie Vega.

Hard to not list neither his rework of ‘Time To Rise’ for Thee Gobbs featuring Kabomo on Atjazz Records. Or his contribution to Louie Vega‘s unreleased of lost mixes of his ‘Starring XXVIII’ album. And more precisely the one of a kind ‘Gimme Some Love’ featuring Vikter Duplaix.

More recently, Sean graced us while delicately revisiting Nathan Adams & Sabrina Joy‘s ‘Love Yourself’ on Tribe Records. And he eventually went further way with Lem Springsteen. With the twosome crafting the deep and jazzy ‘Rocket Love’ along with NYC singer Dannis Winston.

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