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SEO Web design Writing: Ball Of Confusion!

SEO Web design Writing… No need to go any further way. I can guess some of you wondering about the formulation of these words. But as you probably have noticed, we’re on Internet. And, despite the unceasing progression of this tool, it still shows certain limits nowadays. And this most likely because of the existence of many different parameters we got to deal with simultaneously, as you’ll see thereafter…

What is publishing / editing if not first and foremost the pleasure of sharing things per definition?!? But even though we’re meant to address ourselves to humans, we also happen to talk to search engines. And we’ve better do it properly unless havin’ our message lost in the very depth of the blogosphere. SEO Web design Writing can really be a freakin’ ball of confusion!

A coin is admittedly two-sided, if not three considering its edge… And I guess we might pretty much may say the same about Internet. As there is what you, the visitors, see, and what the search engines perceive out of what we, the editors, produce. With, in the middle, countless parameters to consider, before being in the position to come up with a solution that makes everybody happy. In other words, speaking the same language which is already a challenge in itself.

I guess none of us can’t really figure what a task it is until the moment we come to launch and run a website. I mean, living in an environment surrounded by technology, most of us will tend to think we can just get everything from a single click. But what is it to first have the latter working is another story.

I won’t even try to come up with techical things. First because chances are great this will be boring for you. And also because I’m way from being enough qualified to do so. So far that I’ll just express the things from my humble perspective. And therefore in way you all should understand. Beginning with the term SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization…

SEO Graphic Design Writing: ball of confusion!

SEO Web design Writing… Say wot?

In the so called real life, whenever talking to you, I suppose you would get the punctuation from the variations of the flow of my voice. And if ever I’m sending you a message, I then would use the necessary punctuation marks so that you have a full understanding of whatever I’m writing. This is just what we call human communication. Except the fact that whenever running a website, we also have to deal with so to say a filter. In other words, with search engines which will allow us to get a ranking and you to hopefully find us. A situation that will be conditionned by the way we talk to search engines. Itself being quite different as human language.
Still there? Fine. Let’s start with the beginning which is the title of a post itself!

Coming from the printed press, I suppose I would have formulated the title of this post like “SEO, Graphic Design, Writing: Ball Of Confusion!”. But here on Internet, we, as editors, have to respect a few standards ruled by the search engines, in order for you to be able to find us the more easily as possible. This being why I wrote “SEO Graphic Design Writing: Ball Of Confusion!” Because the said focus keyword “SEO Graphic Design Writing” is simply not taken into consideration with punctuation.

SEO Web design Writing… The Guardian is watching over me!

In addition to this, we’ll have to make sure that the title doesn’t go over 70 characters, including spaces. And as much as possible that it doesn’t contain the said stop words. To make it as simple as possible, let me bring you to the explanations from Wikipedia: “For some search engines, these are some of the most common, short function words, such as the, is, at, which, and on.” And the list eventually goes on, which makes it pretty hard at times to formulate a title that has sense, right?
If ever that was just about it, I would say that’s almost acceptable to deal with after a certain time. But it’s way from being just it. And that brings us to the body of the text.

Yes folks, I’m talking to you and this has there too to be in compliance with the search engines. Meaning I’ll have for instance to write the focus keyword in the first paragraph of my post. But what if for a reason or another I’d like to insert a pic or a video first, as opposed to have it appearing at the bottom of my post?
Well, I then would be kindly warned by the extension I’m using that the focus keyword doesn’t appear at the first paragraph of the said post. But why the hell would I have it doin’ so and therefore creating a repetition with my title above? And I’m not even talking about the insertion of subheadings, as if it wasn’t already enough. Or about the length of the paragraphs which is limited to 150 words?

SEO Web design Writing… We made it on this post!

So, not only do I have to talk to you in the most comprehensive way. But also to deal with the ‘dictator’ constantly lookin’ over my shoulder whenever writing! And hopefully make sure that it doesn’t break the look / the design of these shores.

Quite ironical havin’ a tool – Internet – that allows to do so many things on one side. Meanwhile being the culprit of so many restrictions synonymous with headaches for those of us running a website. On the other hand, one could say that it’s also a good way to keep our inventiveness alive. To become more synthetic or straight to the point. And also to eventually come up with workarounds which is the proper of evolution, don’t you think?

By the time finishing this post, which I hope you found explanatory, I can proudly say I got all the green lights from the extension I’m using. Apart from the inclusion of a stop word in our link which we had to modify. Meaning we’ve done everything for the search engines to be happy at the same time…

Editorials: SEO Web design Writing: Ball Of Confusion!

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