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Serious Intention – You Don’t Know

Classics: Serious Intention – You Don’t Know (Limited Edition Special Remix) (Easy Street Records)

Asked whatever genre this piece was about by the time of its release, back in 1983… Then chances are great a majority of us would have said… You don’t know! Mind you, the Disco Demolition night had happened 4 years before. With, as a result, hydrids comin’ up soon after most likely experimenting the use of electronic components.

‘You Don’t Know’ was definitely not Disco (anymore). But not yet House Music neither, even though it prefigured what the early Chicago House would be about a couple of years after. With thanks to its producer, Paul Simpson, who, along with Boyd Jarvis and Winston Jones, stands as the missing link between Disco and House.

The debut-single of Serious Intention, ‘You Don’t Know’ is an infectious electro dub Funk affair. And most definitely a pivotal track in the maturation of music such as we know it nowadays.

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Strange as to how all the records Anthony Malloy has been involved in have had a real impact on the scene back in the day. From Visual‘s classic ‘Music Got Me’ which he recorded along with producer Boyd Jarvis. To Anthony & The Camp‘s memorable ‘What I Like’. Not to mention Serious Intention.
You would have had to be living in the surroundings of the group to know about the identity of their members though, to the exception of lead singer Anthony Malloy. A fortet, they dropped 5 singles, although they never had the chance to release an album. They most likely stand as the missing link between Disco and House, just like their producer, Paul Simpson.
RBMA has perfectly recaptured this mutation process in a subject dedicated to the birth of House Music in NYC.

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