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The Shapeshifters – Try My Love (Club Mix)

Single Of The Week: The Shapeshifters feat. Teni Tinks – Try My Love (On For Size) (Club Mix) (Glitterbox)

Try My Love… Or miles away from the current trends, The Shapeshifters brilliantly redefine what Disco is/was about back in the day. A combination of uplifting messages along with some lush if not sophisticated production over some killer rhythm pattern. And by that, I mean at the opposite of the clichés that contributed to make people feel Disco sucked. Or ended up sucking… This (once again) by the fault of a bunch of opportunists who thought they could do whatever they wanted while jumping on the wagon. And therefore make quick money while rating their sh** as Disco.

History has spoken, and I’m not even mentioning the sadly memorable Disco Demolition Night which has resulted in the progressive banning of the genre from then. Although all the events in the genre will never demolish talents nor musicianship as the end such as brilliantly demonstrated by The Shapeshifters takin’ on where the late Sharon Redd left back in 1980. This with their own rendition of the underrated ‘Try My Love On For Size’.

All of a sudden, it’s the souvenir of gems such as The Emotions‘I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love’ that’s comin’ back. But also Chaka Khan‘s ‘I’m Every Woman’. In other words, the one of sophisticated and infectious gems. With thanks to an impressive line-up of highly talented musicians. This in addition to the presence of Teni Tinks responsible for a one of a kind vocal performance. The whole over a rhythm pattern that seems inherited from Mystic Merlin‘s ‘Mr Magician’.

No matter what. Be it in its original version as on this cover nearly 40 years after, ‘Try My Love’ is an unmissable masterpiece. Most definitely destined to be toppin’ our 10 essential tracks of 2018. How about you by the way?

Download from Traxsource.

Not to be missed with Los Angeles Hip-Hop outfit The Shape ShiftersThe Shapeshifters (one word)! A British production pair that’s been around in the House scene since the mid-2000’s. Comprising Gothenburg native Max Reich and local citizen Simon Marlin, The Shapeshifters pretty much made the sensation at the time. This with the memorable ‘Lola’s Theme’ which marked their debut back in 2004. Itself an interpolation of the Johnny Taylor‘s evergreen classic ‘What About My Love’.

‘Back To Basics’, their second single, saw the light in March 2005, featuring vocals courtesy of Janet Ramus aka Cookie. And another single – ‘Incredible’ – followed before the release of their debut-album – ‘Sound Advice’ – the year after. Meanwhile Nile Rodgers of the Chic fame joined them on its fourth offshot (‘Sensitivity’).

After four years with Positiva, the twosome switched to Defected Records back in 2008. And although no other album of them as come up as off now, they delivered a consistant series of mixed compilations. Alternatively with new singles. From their cover version of Orbital‘s classic ‘Chime’. To their association with the late Frankie Knuckles on ‘The Ones You Love’ on their Nocturnal Groove label. With the latter opening the path to further collabs, including their remix of ‘I’ll Take You There’ from KnucklesDirector’s Cut project. One among the numerous reworks their did for luminaries such as George Michael and Moby. But also Todd Terry to name a few.

More recently, The Shapeshifters teamed up with female singer Teni Tinks. On ‘When Love Breaks Down’ back in October 2017. Then, almost a year later, on a brilliant cover version of the late Sharon Redd‘s underrated ‘Try My Love On For Size’.

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