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Sheree Hicks feat. JD – Your Warning

First Listen! Sheree Hicks feat. JD – Your Warning (Sean Ali SOA Mix) (Chic Soul Music)
The extension to Boy George‘s memorable ‘Don’t Take My Mind On A Trip’??? Sheree Hicks has never sounded so vibrant as on this heartfelt song. A story which depicts a love story / liaison coming to and end, like so many after warnings left unheard.
Mind you, great songs most likely get their substance from the everyday life. This brings me back to the souvenir of a good friend of mine who happened to be in the same situation. He told me as to how funny / weird it was to see men having to be dropped before coming to react.

Perfectly interprated, this joint is a definitive must have. Singer JD doin’ his thing as well in the role of the man. With both of them served by outstanding arrangements by the likes of producer Sean Ali.
(Once again) This is your warning…
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Sheree Hicks started singing at church in Memphis, TN prior movin’ to Chicago, IL. She soon after joined a female trio at age of 17. The group was signed to Russell Simmons‘s Def Jam label.

If left with only one word to illustrate what Sheree Hicks is about, this could well be generosity. A word which finds its source in her ability to turn everything she sings or arranges into a piece of (he)art. And feels like she has no limit, remembered for her collaborations with BLACKStreet, Heavy D or C & C Music Factory.
As a matter of fact, Sheree‘s repertoire is quite impressive. She has expressed herself in almost every kind of music. From R&B to Hip-Hop and Gospel. But also House Music where she started to venture into back in 2011 along with Chicago-based production pair Sean Ali and Chuck Robertson aka Sol4orce.

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