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Shift – Roller Rink Funk (Land Of Hits)

Most Wanted! Shift – Roller Rink Funk (Land Of Hits)

Funny as to how the vocabulary happens to be similar in both music and enology, with the use of the word “vintage” to make the difference between quality wine and (every day) table wine. A difference quite obvious when coming to talk about Disco. The best of it (even though quite obscure) naturally getting extra value along with time as opposed to most of the mainstream from then!

This is exactly where are to be found these labels such as Red Greg, P&P, Heavenly Star and other Land Of Hits. As many stables all synonymous with some of the most sought after gems in the genre, some 35 to 40 years after their release. The synpocated synth led ‘Roller Rink Funk’, co-produced by Peter Brown and Bernard Thomas therefore makin’ no exception. Sounding like an unlikely explosive response to Anita Ward‘s ‘Ring My Bell’!

Shift stands among those countless transient studio concepts that saw the ligt back in the day. Obviously made of female session singers, ‘Roller Rink Funk’ would be their one and only release. A track seemingly geared towards skating that was trending in the Dance Music scene at the time. Arranged by Charles Scott, James Ferguson and Norman Deltufo. With Bernard Thomas and Peter Brown left in charge of the production.

A sound which one most likely wouldn’t find anywhere else but on these labels Brown has been associated with.

What’s the value of your vinyl record?

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