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Sir LSG: Moving Circles (Q&A)

‘Moving Circles’, Sir LSG‘s first big format offering on GOGO Music looks set to go down in history. Pretty much embodying the story of a young South African pal who, from a music lover turned himself into a brilliant sound architect. Such as brilliantly illustrated by, not only the concept of his album that sees life as a journey. But also its production, showacasing the talents of artists such as Kafele Bandele, Jaidene Veda, Zano and Melanie Scholtz. Not to mention Berlin songstress Clara Hill on the soaring ‘Circles’ which we introduced you to a few weeks ago.
We thought of welcomin’ GOGO Music’s own Ralf GUM as the Master Of Ceremony. And grab his feelings about LSG, not only as a label manager, but first and foremost as a music lover…

Sir LSG - Moving CirlcesIntroducing an artist interview of someone who releases on your label seems no easy task. So let me try to keep it as objective as possible. I met Sir LSG about 7 years ago on one of my South Africa tours. In other words, long before I relocated there.
Lesego Sefako, Sir LSG‘s real name, was one of those Mzansi DJ’s/producers with great taste and skills. Something you come across kind of regularly in a country where House Music is a way of life and amongst the most popular genres. Nevertheless, it was his additional qualities which grabbed my further attention.

Next to Sir LSG‘s talent to capture a crowd, and eventually myself as a DJ, there was that little pinch more to him. Real passion which could be felt, humbleness combined with willingness to listen, learn and grow. All while staying realistic. He’s always been going an extra mile to achieve his goal and manages to do so without stepping on other people’s toes. A rare skill which makes him a great companion not only professionally. So we stayed in touch since day one. And about one year later, he presented a track to me which became his first release on the label, titled ‘Sax In The City’. From there onwards, he became a regular on GOGO Music and had a notable radio-hit with ‘All I Am’ featuring Brian Temba in 2013.

Fast forward, seven years after we met and after he worked for 4 years on his debut-album, ‘Moving Circles’, Sir LSG now proves all aforementioned with its release. An awesome body of art, for which he brought together some of the best South African musicians and a amazing collection of international singers. This showing another strength of him – being a great team-worker – whom I can be proud of having in the GOGO Music family…
Ralf GUM

“African music in general has strong rhythms more that anything. My music is no different. I rely on strong rhythms to be able to do what I do. It’s something you cannot avoid or miss in African music, whether new or old. We’ve been very fortunate as a nation to have exported so many great artists to the world, who in their own right became the definition of African Music to the world…” (Sir LSG)

Let’s do this the exact way you conceived your album. Like a travelling which suggests a starting point? What happened to be yours?
“I would say in terms of songs, it would be ‘Memories’ featuring Kafele & Jaidene Veda. It’s probably the first playback I did. But in reality it’s difficult to say when exactly I started with the album. Most likely because some songs were just ideas which I never intended to have them exist on the same project. So in a way I started without really intending to do an album…”

What was your relation to music when you were a kid? Let us know about your environment. Your first interaction with music…
“Like many children who grew up in a christian family, church was really the first place I experienced music (repetitively). So the early foundation was some sort of a classical music foundation, at very basic levels at least. I then grew into a choir set up that sang only classical music, this was a good introduction to music theory for me. Now that I think about it, it’s almost like I was being prepared for this, someway…”

Your source of inspiration back then?
“By then I still didn’t know that I would one day pursue a music career.”

Suppose you’re not a DJ, nor a producer. Who would Sir LSG have been then?
“I would have probably become an electrical engineer. This was the initial scenario, but then House Music had other plans…”

When did this Sir LSG guise came to your mind? What does LSG mean?
“The name came about it 2007, I was in my second year then. I just wanted to add something “cool” in front of my nickname (LSG). The Sir was just one of the first things that came to mind (what was I thinking???). In South Africa, LSG is a common nickname for people with the name Lesego.”

How do your family / friends see / consider you as Sir LSG?
“I find it strange when my parents call me Sir LSG, feels a bit uncomfortable for me. My friends, and everyone really, know that it’s only a stage name. Most will only say LSG, or Sir. And the only person left calling me by my real name is Ralf GUM, true story.”

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