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Sir LSG: Moving Circles (Q&A)

Sir LSG - Moving CirlcesWhat’s your day to day life?
“I work as a television studio director and producer till around 05:30pm. Most of the shows we do are entertainment shows. So it doesn’t really feel like work, which is great for me because I can get back home in the evenings and work on music, mixes, plans for my music. Weekends would be gig time if I have any. Otherwise weekends then become more workdays for my music, family, and a bit of rest where possible…”

The impact of pioneers such as Vinny Da Vinci or DJ Christos? But also radios like YFM and Metro FM???
“Vinny, Chris and a lot more S.A House pioneers have not only introduced us to this music. But they have also played a good role in carrying it across decades. I can only hope that I will one day be able to offer a fraction of their efforts to help grow the scene even bigger. S.A Radio stations in general have played a vital role in promoting house music in the country. Their contribution is one of the reasons why our country is considered to be the biggest consumers of House Music. I have heard from a few international DJ’s who have visited S.A that the amount of House on our radio and TV is a rare thing around the globe.”

Your connection with traditional African music? With key figures such as Hugh Masekela or Miriam Makeba?
“African music in general has strong rhythms more that anything. My music is no different. I rely on strong rhythms to be able to do what I do. It’s something you cannot avoid or miss in African music, whether new or old. We’ve been very fortunate as a nation to have exported so many great artists to the world, who in their own right became the definition of African Music to the world.”

We had a brief contact back in the days of Hood Natives, if not doin’ a mistake. Tell us about this experience…
“I was part of Hood Natives from 2008 till around the end of 2011, when I started Sir LSG as a solo artist. It basically where I began my journey in electronic music production. But like many other groups before, after some releases and remixes together, I had to start my own thing and put some focus on building my sound.”

Your maturation process from a so to say music lover into a music maker?
“I still consider myself a music lover first before a musician. Simply because I think it’s a powerful thing to be able to know how to create something that you can enjoy, as a music lover and not the artist. As I became wiser, I learnt a great deal on how to achieve this and still sound unique.”

What’s your view of the current international scene? Your fav artists at the mo’?
“From what I see online, it looks like the energy of most parts of the international scene is quite “hard”. My view of the club scene in Europe and the U.S. is limited. However the production side of things seems to always have top quality, at least from my favs. I listen to and still dig productions by DJ Spinna, Ralf GUM, Atjazz, Josh Milan and Louie Vega. There are obviously more greats but for me the consistency of these legends is out of this world.”

You came to connect with Ralf GUM. How did this happen?
“I met Ralf in 2011 when he licenced my first single – ‘Sax In The City’ – on GOGO Music. We got connected through DJ Christos, and we’ve been good friends ever since…”

Has he been of any advice, guidance in the way you’re building music???
“Ralf has always been a father figure in this industry. Technically, he guides me in getting my sound right. He’s also a very open and honest person, that alone opened room for me to learn. I can never show enough gratitude for how Ralf GUM helped me.”

‘Moving Circles’ is the title of your album. Why such a choice? Any relation with the fact we tend to live in cycles???
“Exactly. ‘Moving Circles’ is basically the concept of life seen as a journey. It highlights events of love, life, inspiration, sadness and loneliness in one big turn. Just as there’s a start and an end to everything, the musical journey begins with ‘Departure’ and takes you through different walks of life, before getting to ‘Arrival’…”

I understand it took you 4 years to do this album. In other words, quite a long travel, huh?
“It’s been a long journey. At some point I thought to myself that this project will never be complete, yet here we are. It’s been an important journey, to really find myself. I hope really people will find the love extended on this project…”

Dankie for your time, and congrats for your beautiful work…
“Many thanks…”

Interview: Sir LSG

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